The Arcane Gunslinger

The Arcane Gunslinger
578 pages

A lazy celestial being's mistake leads to Sergeant William Remington, a decorated member of the Coalition Marines, to be placed into a new body. His old life aboard the Valkyrie, an interstellar destroyer has also been replaced as he finds his new body in an unknown world. Where he learns of magic, skills, the system, helhorses, and slinging lead with ancient revolvers.

Initially, he is skeptical of his new norm but the desire to survive leads him to try to earn a living while he figures out what just happened to his life. He's a fighter but far from the elite, a grunt with some experience. But what better way than to fall back to what he's familiar with, weapons and going after criminals and rebels. With the added challenges of monsters.

This is my first Litrpg writing. It's a wild west fantasy setting with the MC taking a role as a gun-slinging bounty hunter in a world of magic and monsters. Hope you enjoy it.


Warning. The story has a slow start because I'm trying to keep my MC realistic. It takes him some time to adjust to his new surroundings, start to make some friends, and really get into the swing of it. I kind of think it's dumb when an isekai's MC manages to blink twice and suddenly adapts to their new world without any sort of struggle or learning period. So not doing that but don't worry Will may be confused and a bit unfocused at first but he'll grow into his own.

Also using it to practice my digital artwork... which is far from par but improving. Keep an eye on author notes for maps and depictions of monsters and characters.

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951 pages

Edgar Vogel was a 30 year old underemployed veteran who dropped out of college. His life was comfortable but all ambition was lost. His plans, born of depression and anxiety, were to simply live out his life of mediocrity and enjoy what little he could.

That all changed, all it takes is something small to change fate, in his case ice. Reborn into a primitive but fantastical world, full of magic and monsters, he may make something of himself. Oh and there's a massive war against werewolf hordes on the mainland.

Edgar, now Jon, has a second chance at life. His previous life was reduced to fragments of technical knowledge that come to him in the form of visions. His new home, the Northern Isles, is far removed from the conflict of the mainland for now as he lives in the quiet frontier village of Terra. His new family believes that fate can be changed and destiny overruled but he has no idea.

Whether that's true or not, being told by a crazy old lady that his fate starts with him sitting by a rock in the middle of a field seems wrong, but who knows? Maybe she's right but what's the bit about 'await the bite' supposed to mean?

Jon soon learns and his life changes forever. What can a young boy who's gained wolven-blood do? Will he be a monster or will he find salvation? 

Jon was bitten.


Welcome to the Northern Isles.

My first story posted on here! I already have the outline of the first couple of books planned out and will be posting a new chapter every Tuesday and Friday.

The story will be dark at times but I intend to keep things fairly light when I can. I'm aiming for a world that isn't full of sunshine and rainbows but isn't as bleak as it could be. Focusing on friendship, camaraderie, sh*t talking, and adventure.

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The Druid Flame

The Druid Flame
63 pages

The elf like Apaxi have fled their homeland after a living cataclysm has befallen it. Their once proud alliance of immortal races, crushed by the most powerful immortals of all... Dragons!

Among the survivors is Muriel. A powerful druid in the service of the Verdant Archon. The last survivor of the hierarchy that ruled her kind, the only Apaxi Druid left in existence and her people will find refuge and salvation through her!

Or at least that's the story she found people believing, much to her own disappointment.

In reality, Muriel was a gardener that took care of a city park... She tended to flower beds, grew seasonal flora, and mended broken tree limbs. She was technically a druid and as far as anyone knew she was the only one to survive. But she didn't have the powerful magic of those that served the archons, she wasn't even close. But just the fact that she existed seemed to be enough for the frightened survivors to place their hopes in her unqualified hands.

Her task? Find a new home for her people, far away from the devastation of the Immortal War and mortal nations. A place that was both fertile and safe... and preferably by the sea. A source of iron would be nice. and if possible a gold or silver vein. Maybe on top of a leyline...

Her plan? Walk around in the mortal lands and hope she could stumble on something... either that or camp out in the forest for a few months and return having 'failed' her quest and hope they send someone else next time.

Seriously, what did they expect her to do? SHE. WAS. A. GARDENER!


For anyone that's read my other fiction, Fateful | Royal Road. This is a prequel, set thousands of years before the events in Terra and the adventures of the group of fateful friends.

I'm sure anyone who's been following my main fiction will recognize the plot from the already established lore of Erda. Please don't spoil it and feel free to read because legends are just that, legends. Time has the tendency to warp facts and this story may not be what the Elvanni claim to know. Spoilers ahead, world-building stuff, and adding new places not put in the main story. Not saying if anything ever will be.

For anyone that isn't following Fateful, this story is set in a way that it can be a stand-alone. I encourage you to check out both.

This one is going to be released on Wednesdays with the occasional bonus chapter. It's going to be a single story and once it's done I'm going to mark it completed.

If anyone's interested,Fateful is set to be released on Tuesday and Friday.


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