1. RE: Application Discussion - Lightning Does Stike Twice

      Reject. It's not terribly written from a grammar or flow perspective, but the story is completely ruined by the relentless tide of unexplained terms and names this story just hits you with over and over (...)

    2. RE: Application Discussion - Stop Calling Me a Demon King

      I shall also reject this. I find the sentence structure jarring. It just doesn't flow at all. The descriptions of people and things also bug me. They are confusing and don't inspire any interesting (...)

    3. Some Optimizations for Authors.

      So after listening to some other popular authors talk about RRL and its downsides I decided to make some suggestions to improve the site. These are mostly targeted towards successful authors in an attempt (...)

    4. RE: Application Discussion - Into the Inferno

      Rejected. None of the characters felt real to me. They didn't act like people. The dude gets murdered by a loved one in a horrifying way and he doesn't appear to care much. Every single one of them felt (...)

    5. RE: Application Discussion - God Vessel Online

      I'm going to have to reject this. I found the setting rushed and the characters super annoying. There was little to no description of the environment and all the main character did was spout meaningless (...)

    6. RE: BC wuz here

      Congratz. I wish all you guys luck with your new official status.

    7. RE: PSA - We are using the TOPA Chat again

      Alright, I'll keep on eye on it.

    8. RE: I found a funny

      Pretty much :P

    9. RE: New memeber

      Welcome to the community. A lot of people here don't speak English as their first language, so don't worry about that.

    10. RE: A Wattpadd remake.

       I know Wattpadd's system is slightly different the one recently employed here but the resemblance is uncanny. That's what i mean when i call it a remake. It's nothing like Wattpad, and I should (...)

    11. RE: Have for truly wanting for having the badge with benefits - RE: Revenge oh no!

      Rejected, on grounds of the author's fictitious nature and slanderous prose. Also, the fiction is long enough.

    12. RE: Application Discussion - Lusarth Fauxun

      I think that's a fair, and rather lengthy, response. If he takes it the wrong way I'm not sure we could have done anything to prevent it.

    13. RE: Application - Prism

      Good luck with your writing.

    14. RE: Each TOPA member's application critic criteria (what they look for)

      I'm pretty easy. A unique original story that stands out from the usual fare on RRL that has good grammar and flow.

    15. RE: TOPA disbanding message

      I have every confidence in the professionalism and tact of Luci and Reso moving forward. 

    16. RE: TOPA disbanding message

      The main purpose behind the creation of Semi-official Groups is to creative inclusive places for users to have fun and share ideas, rather than exclusive places that keep others out. Considering that (...)

    17. RE: Suggestions for TOPA organization change

      I'm fine with making deliberations private and creating a official announcement account. They both sound like great ideas to me and everyone else wants them. Some feedback should probably be given for (...)

    18. RE: Application: The Legion of Nothing (by Jim Zoetewey)

      Endorsed by me! With this that's two endorsements. Throw up a link and I'll add you to the lists.

    19. RE: The Oddity - Reapplication

      I shall re-add this to the lists then, if no one else has yet. Edit: Yep, someone already did, great.