1. RE: New memeber

      Welcome to the community. A lot of people here don't speak English as their first language, so don't worry about that.

    2. RE: A Wattpadd remake.

       I know Wattpadd's system is slightly different the one recently employed here but the resemblance is uncanny. That's what i mean when i call it a remake. It's nothing like Wattpad, and I should (...)

    3. RE: Searching for some novels

      Well, my fiction is generally considered pretty good, is dark, has low technology, and is a realistic take on fantasy.

    4. RE: Looking for a Assassin/Ninja/Rogue/Thief MC

      I second The Iron Teeth. ;)  The MC becomes very sneaky and good at stabbing people.

    5. RE: Are there any high-human novels?

      My fiction has several tall characters. ;)

    6. The Iron Teeth: A Goblin's Tale Now in the Top 20 Best Rated Fictions! Read: The Iron Teeth These are the Iron Teeth. This is the north proper, the very knife (...)

    7. RE: Do you guys think it’s murder to kill orc fetuses and orc babies?

      All I can say is that you should avoid moral relativism like that espoused by Durrendal, and perhaps educate yourself about the different ethical systems that exist in real life. Some examples include (...)

    8. RE: Superhero Stories?

      Go for it. My favourite web novel is a superhero story.

    9. Fiction List This is a list of fictions here on RoyalRoadl that are written by members of The Order Of Phantasmal Architects. All the below stories meet our requirements on content (...)

    10. RE: Sorting Through Tragedy Stories

      Huh, you almost perfectly described my own serial, The Iron Teeth. Check out the prologue to see what I mean. It's about a goblin trying to survive in a dark fantasy world. Tragic things happen, but (...)

    11. RE: Reasons why I drop a fiction

      Troupes and real confusing plot-holes are my turn-a-downs. I can't help but read the first few chapters (or just perhaps one if it gets that bad) of a bad reviewed fiction in case the review was a (...)

    12. RE: What Inspired Your Fiction?

      My story, The Iron Teeth, was inspired firstly by the Worm web serial and secondly by Re:Monster. Worm showed me how great web fiction could be. I read Re:Monster and loved the concept of having a story (...)

    13. RE: Chappy seeks new adventures

      Try my fiction, The Iron Teeth. It's about a goblin trying to survive in a dark fantasy world. I've been getting great reviews. To be honest the main character starts off kind of dumb, but not in the way (...)

    14. RE: Xianxia: What do you dislike about it?

      I hate how the main characters of Xianxia warp reality around them. There's never anyone they can't befriend, enemy they can't defeat, or girl they can't seduce. Usually they don't even try to seduce women, (...)

    15. RE: Writer's Thread for Writers!

      Happy New Year from Canada! Well, it will be in a few hours anyway. It's not even dark here yet...

    16. The Art of The Iron Teeth

      A while ago I commissioned some art for my story, The Iron Teeth, from Carlos Cara Álvarez. It was (...)

    17. RE: is there any inspirational music?

      Just type epic music into YouTube. There's like a ton.

    18. RE: monster evolution light novels

      How about my fiction, The Iron Teeth. The MC is a goblin. It's not really a light novel though so the pacing is slower than a lot of other stories. Don't expect a lot of power ups early on.

    19. RE: Blood Magic

      Depth will keep the skill and story interesting over time. If you just start eliminating stats it might get to simple. How about instead of completely combining mp and hp you let mp act as an extra (...)