The Salamanders

This Story is as already stated in the title good overall in terms of worlbuilding, characters and grammar, however it is also insanely slow and aggravating, since a lot of the subplots are just insanely bloated and suffocate the main plot in boring forays, that take up the same subplot over and over without resolving anything. Most Storys resolve or dismiss personal problems the characters face too quickly, however this Story, does the complete opposite and drags those out literally forever. Over 3 THOUSAND Pages and the main character (Micah) still isn't anywhere close to a breakthrough in terms of character development and his friend hasn't even started to even try to deal with his shit. Furthermore the Dungeon has been neglected in favor of said Subplots that aren't going anywhere. 
All in all there is way too much unnecessary drama and no end in sight to it any time soon, especially since only more characters, with even more baggage that won't be resolved get introduced. 

tl;dr Too much unnecessary drama, no real character development, too much fluff, no conclusion to any subplot no matter how minor.
This Review is  as of 8.10 
Read it if you are a fan of boring drama and Romance that goes nowhere I guess.

The Wandering Inn

5/5 The Wandering but not really Wandering Inn.

This Story is packed with great Characters, Adrenaline rushing fights and a lot of funny Scenes. It is greatness incarnated. 

All the while staying true to itself and never disappointing me.

The best thing though is that its releases are reliable and you don't get just dumped without warning like in so many other storys.

Read the story and see for yourself!

Gaia Awakens

Shut up and take my Money.

Have you ever heard of the Maggot Legions? No? Then you surely have heard of the Fly squadron? No?? The Red and Black Death Companys? No??? Sheila the one and only ?! Rex the Tyrant of the Battlefield? No?!?!?!

Then join me and many more on this epic journy that features the unique Mc(He's a real gem :P)..(OK OK I'm gonna shoot myself for that XD) puns aside this story is worth the praise. Never thought an Author would get me imagine mighty Legions of Maggots Charging into Battle.... And I love it!

Totally new aspect of Dungeon Live, good grammar, epic battles(of minimalism:P), understandable Mc. All there. Nothing more to say really. Just read it.

P.S. I totally didn't move my lazy ass and wrote a review because I want more chapters or something..

Don't Feed The Dark

I absolutely devoured this story and charge it as guilty for being too good.

I won't go into detail since that would mean spoilers but the Author knows how to dangle hope in front of you like a carrot.

It's innovative and detailed but also lets you fight for every scrap of Information about things that could happen in the future. Which means that things can go in a direction you won't foresee.

The Defective Hermit

He might be a defective Hermit but the story is effevtively addicting you.

The fine Balance between Comedy,Action,Survival and RNG has been achieved. Well done young padawan.

P.S. The Harem Tagg exists but there is no real harem as of yet and pls don't destroy his grumpy attitude with it thx <3 .

Unbound Deathlord: Challenge

Good Afternoon fellow Madmen let's listen to a story.

Style: The Author shows a neat balance between comedy and serious storytelling.

Story: The Game theme itself is nothing new but the take on its properties is. The inner Turmoil of the Character is also being depicted nicely and gradually unraveled.

Grammar: All in all good, a few typos and mistakes here and there but a quick cleanup of the already released chapters would fix that too.

Character: Although sometimes confusing, most Characters are well made even though the Author seems to love torturing us by leaving us in the Dark about a lot of the Backstory. (Which I'm certain will follow after some time but teasing us like that is not nice.)


All in all a very good read. Now bring me more of that written cocain slave! :P

The Iron Teeth:  A Goblin's Tale

I absolutely love this story and how you present Blacknail to your Readers .

His Perspective is also just how I would picture it for myself .

Your overall writing style is great , and gives the reader a proper chance to picture the scene .

The Characters you create are mostly neat too , but I just really can't follow the way everyone besides Blacknail thinks somehow . Or is that intentional ?

Change: New World

A little Madness never hurts right ?

Style: The Author describes what's going on very detailed if not even excessively. But that's fine is it not ?

Story: Although the whole being trapped inside the school theme is quite clich√© it doesn't hurt the story in the least. The only thing really bugging me is the earthbreaking stupidity of some characters... we all know who I'm talking about. Also annoying me is the harem theme that although confined spreads its curse. 

Grammar: Could use some proofreading for typos but nothing too bad.

Character: Most Characters are fleshed out and you know why they are doing what they are doing. Although the Mc could use some more Insanity ... never hurts right?

Anyways I like the story and eagerly wait for the Hiatus to end.

Those Who Aspired to Become Gods : A darker fairy tale novel ©

Proceed with Caution because first I will start a Rant not about the story but about some other people .

Dear Haters Nobody cares about the Bullshit you write so pls don't write unnecessary unconstructive Reviews thanks . Rant over .

Now to the real Review we go  ! I love this Story a lot and always feel bubbly and giddy with the fairys so you ought to take responsibility Zans ! :P (seriously I will gut you guys alive if you say anything against them dear haters ! ) I like your writing style and only think you should Improve on the Inner monolouges and feelings of people that are not Vali (like the Annunake and Race leaders .) because they feel like somethings missing .(I honestly don't know what exactly misses though ... I am sorry that I am no great help .)

The story itself progresses great and I would only like some more background information (like we greedy readers all do shame on us )  but as your newest chapter has shown background info does come ! 

The Grammar is mostly the problem of your proofreaders so I won't say anything about that . (Ouch pls stop hitting me dear Proofreader-kun ! It hurts ...)

The various Characters you implemented seem to be mostly well done too . I would only like to see some more completely different races (like undead or spiritual entitys ) even though I have to say I like furrys .

And I think that you should give us some more madness ! Not from Vali but other Characters that have psychopathic tendencies would be great ! (Sry if I have bad taste but I really do prefer Insane people .. at least they have character unlike those shallow dense bakas in other storys.)

I also would like to ask you if I should write my Ideas of things that you could implement into the comments or pm them to you . Or if I should shut my mouth ........

And pls don't hit me for being bad at english ..

Terror Infinity - Side B

Pls exploit the plot more but its a nice read

I like this fan fiction and I actively suggest characters missions and equipment but we need more story exploits! 

-Gylion Out !