1. Come and drink with me and my 3 new friends.

      Welcome, welcome, everyone. I decided to do something different and instead of celebrating the 1st 0.5 rating, we are celebrating my 3rd one. So come and sit down and drink with me and my three new (...)

    2. Re: Pseudonyms

      I do. Butter supremacy! :DrakanPotato:

    3. Re: Pseudonyms

      I wield Chaos as my pseudonym for about 2 years now so not really that long. To be honest, I once found a nice fanart of chaos sign and decided, why not? It is definitely better than my last nickname, (...)

    4. Re: I got my first rating!

      Congrats! More will come soon. :DrakanWine:

    5. Re: Hello From a Poet and Musician!

      Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay.

    6. Re: NINE DAYS!!!

      Good job. Keep working hard toward your goals.


      Anything important to you is worth celebrating. Cheers. :DrakanWine:

    8. Re: multi celebratory thread

      Congrats. And good luck with your story. :DrakanWine:

    9. Re: Fanfic Writer Now Trying to turn more legit

      Welcome my fellow fanfiction writer. I wish you all the success.

    10. Re: Hello Fellow Humans!!

      Welcome to RR community. I once tried magic, it didn't work...

    11. 30 Followers and reaching rank 5000

      Well, I definitely didn't expect such a strong start, but I won't complain. Thank you Royal Road community and I hope you won't be disappointed by my future work.

    12. Re: An introduction, I guess

      Welcome to the RR forum community. I hope you enjoy your stay.

    13. Re: Any (in)secure writers out there that could give advice?

      To be honest, when I began writing, I was quite insecure. It didn't feel as bad as it probably does for some people, because I was blinded by excitement and the fact it was only fanfiction. With time as (...)

    14. Re: Unapologetically a Fanfiction writer... For now.

      Welcome to RR community! I dabble in fanfiction myself (Though not on this site) and wish your stories the best of luck. See you in the forums.

    15. Re: Well, I guess I’m doing this—Hi!

      Welcome! Enjoy your stay in this lovely community.

    16. Re: Hello everyone!

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      Hello, my fellow new author. Hope you will enjoy your stay here.