K.M. Keane

K.M. Keane

    1. Re: 'Hello!', from a new fantasy writer.

      Welcome to RR Maltenai! I hope your writing goes well! I love stories with emotional pull--I'm absolutely the kind of person who'll purposefully subject myself to a good story just to make myself (...)

    2. Re: Broke #2000 on Highest Ranking!

      Congratulations! Definitely worth the celebration!  :peoapproval:

    3. Re: 10k views!

      That is impressive! Well done on all those views!

    4. Re: Introducing Narwin, My Protagonist

      Oh wow, this is fantastic! I really like your style and the colours.

    5. Re: Passing 100 Views

      That's a great start! Well done!  :peoapproval:

    6. Re: Cracked the 5000 Mark

      Great achievements! Well done!  :peoapproval:

    7. Re: 20,000 at last!

      That's great, well done!  :DrakanWine:

    8. Re: Touch typing / ten finger system

      I have basically learned the ten finger system by just writing a lot (not novels though). I have never learned it anywhere, it just stuck to me little by little. Now I can look at someone else while writing, (...)

    9. Re: Art for my novel

      Oh wow, these look great! Really like the style of the characters. Well done!

    10. Re: Beginning to post my book

      Good luck with your book and writing! I really enjoy your cover too, it gives out a good vibe.

    11. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews

      This is such a kind offer! I'd like you to take a look at my book if this kind of story strikes your fancy. My story is a fantasy adventure with mystery and some slowburn romance later on. Summary: (...)

    12. Re: Yay! Finally 50k words!

      English is a tricky language, it has quite a lot of rules to follow. A lot of things can mean something else, it can become a mess in short. Keep at it. ^^ Haha, yeah, definitely noticed this! Thanks!

    13. Re: Yay! Finally 50k words!

      Thanks everyone! Sounds like it's been a very valuable experience for you. The more you write, the better you get. It's just like practicing any other skill. Keep going!!  Most definitely! I've also (...)

    14. Re: Yay! Finally 50k words!

      I finally hit 50k words! Yay!! Writing my story has been full of trial and error, but it has taught me a lot. I'm writing a story in English for the first time, and I think my writing has improved a (...)

    15. Re: New Cover, Finally! :D

      The cover looks great and really interesting! Well done!  :peoapproval:

    16. Re: My second book has started.

      Congratulations! Good luck with your second book! 

    17. Re: Just finished 200k words!

      Wow, that's a huge accomplishment! Congrats!  :peoapproval:

    18. Re: Top 2000 achievement!

      Congratulations! That's super great!!  :DrakanWine:

    19. Re: Chapter Graphics (They make cool wallpapers)

      These look great! I really like the idea of having different graphics for different chapters.