1. Re: How would I go along merging chapters?

      Complete noob here. I though chapters were a fancy way of saying pages, so every chapter of my book was only an estimated page length (600~). I’m a dumb idiot and need to know how to change this. Would (...)

    2. Re: Can alt accounts get you banned?

      If it is used for manipulation, then it is indeed against the rules. Might be a good idea to make a support ticket about it. Would it be smart to hint at what could be manipulation by reporting (...)

    3. Re: Can alt accounts get you banned?

      Definitely against the rules, yes. I haven't read the rules closely enough to know if it's enough grounds for a ban, but I wouldn't take the risk.  With the many ways site-owners have of tracking (...)

    4. Re: Can alt accounts get you banned?

      I won’t name what specific book it was that I saw in trending, but I noticed that the book had a few reviews, but going into the accounts of each, it seemed as if all were created on a similar day and (...)

    5. Re: Review swap for first few chapters?

      Gonna keep it short. I deleted my old account a few weeks ago and it had a couple followers and reviews. If you want I’ll review up to any page in your book and you do the same. Pm me if you’re interested (...)

    6. Re: Help with description for review?

      Heyo. I'll keep this short and sweet. I need help with my book description that I haven't released but heavily planned to. It's not a fanfiction but it has the main theme of the game 'Graveyard Keeper' (...)