The Aria Chronicles

Fun story, needs an editor badly

The setting concept is nothing new, but it's done fairly well. However, the constant abuse of the English language (spelling, grammar, syntax, and usage) interferes with any flow the story might have. 

Three Lifetimes [completed]

Interesting romance version of some of the LN tropes

I finished this story with a tear in my eye--mostly I ignore these romance side versions because the characterization is a bastardized version of the "standard" light novel tropes, but I actually felt for the characters here. Great writing. 

Dark Skies

Constant pointless child brutalization do not make a story

I get it--trauma is a agreat story motivator, but there are four instances in the first hundred chapters where all they do is portray abuse without contributing to character development or plot. Find something else.

Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

The funny is real, and written over a pretty great storyline

Like several other reviews, I find the wuxia/xianxia elements to be the same as usual, with enough twists to make the story readable.

The unique twist of a "non-MC" protagonist who is semi-altruistic and also has to struggle for his goals makes it refreshing and something to enjoy reading.

A Journey of Black and Red

I agree with author's depiction of vampires, but I don't like reading horror good job but this one's not for me.

Living Life As A Game: Through And Through

Neat concept, nothing original, and the author can't make up his mind whether his protagonist is the damsel or the knight. Maybe the next story will be better.


Great character development with a slow-starting plotline. I see a couple possibilities for conflict/growth but so far just here for the cute start.

Demi-God - A LitRPG

Well written so far if not my cup of tea.

The story is well-written from a language point of view, but the purposely brutal character development found starting in Chapter 15 made me close it immediately.

Agent of the Alternates

I really like this story. The characters are kind of extreme personalities, but they're described well for all that.

Dating Trials of a Vampire Queen

Read it in spite of the title, enjoyed every word.

Novel setting, interesting take on the supernatural/divine, with hilarious characters titillatingly on the edge of what I find acceptable in a light-side set of protagonists.


Also enjoy the precise and descriptive English--which is not a given on this site.