1. Re: Finally broke 300 views!

      I hit 300 views on my ongoing story, after really languishing for a while.  It was nice to see that view counter tick over 300 this morning.

    2. Re: Medin Trefin's Journal on Trolls: A (Very) Short Story

      A young academic sets out on a quest to fill a hole in the academic canon regarding trolls, dangerous creatures that most are wise to avoid. Link.

    3. Re: Anyone want to trade reviews for comedic stories?

      Hey everyone, I've been writing a comedic crime/romance story set in a fantasy world, and was wondering if anyone would like to do a review swap for their comedic stories.  It doesn't have to be straight (...)

    4. Re: Review Swap: ~10-15K words!

      Sorry my review took so long.  This was my first time writing a review, but I hope it's helpful.

    5. Re: Review Swap: ~10-15K words!

      Hey, I'd like to take you up on your review swap, if you want to!  I've read your first few chapters, and I've found it entertaining so far. My story is a comedic outlaw story set in a fantasy world, (...)

    6. Re: So, I was thinking about writing something...

      I think the idea seems interesting.  I actually envision my own fantasy world having a technological level around WWI, so I'm clearly a fan of that part. I'd also like to say that the themes and plot (...)

    7. Re: Review Swap: ~10-15K words!

      Hey, I'd like to take you up on your review swap, if you want to!  I've read your first few chapters, and I've found it entertaining so far. My story is a comedic outlaw story set in a fantasy world, (...)

    8. Re: Brainstorm on tropes

      On your point about grief in number one, I think those kind of character origins work because the grief stays a part of their character.  Instead of thinking about it as a character arc for them to go (...)

    9. Re: Is it better to add titles to your chapters? Or not?

      I tend to use a quote from the chapter as its title.  I use them as a way to advertise the chapter, although I have no idea if it actually works or not.

    10. Re: Offering reviews or ratings {free} for Action, Adventure or Fantasy Genres.

      I might as well throw my hat in the ring.  I want to be upfront and say that although most of my chapters are a bit more or a bit less than two thousands words, a few are shorter, so obviously feel free (...)

    11. Re: How does a cover get you to click on Royal Road?

      Hello everyone.  I was just wondering what kinds of covers, as a reader, gets your attention on Royal Road.  Is there a particular art style that you look for?  Do the covers that use edited photos tend (...)

    12. Re: Some proof of concept character art I did awhile ago.

      I made these awhile ago when I was playing around with the designs of some of my characters.  None of them appear in or are planned to appear in my currently ongoing story, but I stumbled across them recently (...)

    13. Re: Do you occasionally get inspiration for your novels from dreams?

      I've gotten what I think are some pretty good fanfiction ideas from dreams before, although I don't actually write fanfiction, the ideas just swirl around in my head. Unfortunately I have not been blessed (...)

    14. Re: What's the biggest achievement in your writing history to date?

      Someone had some very kind words to say about my writing, and even went out of their way to find chapters that I had not yet uploaded to Royal Road.

    15. Re: The best times to post

      Completely unscientific, but I've found that I get the most attention when I post at about 3 P.M. Eastern Time.  And what everyone said about waiting until shortly after a new hour has started is definitely (...)

    16. Re: To Delete or not to Delete: Dream sequences

      I feel like I tend to find myself glancing over dream sequences once I've figured out that's what it is.  I don't hate them, but they've never really stuck with me.

    17. Re: Would you rather have it dark or vanilla?

      Light and fluffy please, especially when it's a bright spot in a dark life.  Relationships in real life are depressing enough.

    18. Re: Live Hard and Die Young: The Mercurial Lives of Kajulan and Tekole

      The air in the city smelled dewey. To be fair, it always smelled a little dewey in Romba, but it was usually a more industrial smelling kind of dewey. Kajulan, who was tucked away in a crevice beside the (...)

    19. Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

      As you craft a world for your story or stories, where do you find inspiration coming from?  I don't necessarily even mean intentional inspiration, but rather when you look back on what you've created, (...)

    20. Re: I've been here a few months now, but this is my first time on the forums.

      Welcome! I agree with Parker, absolutely reply to older posts. Though it might be frowned upon if the last reply was from a few years back. 😅 Though, equally, if you find it interesting/beneficial/fun (...)