1. Re: But what if?

      But if what?

    2. Re: How to avoid diminishing previous characters when new ones pop up that are stronger?

      By niching and making people having to play their strengths. Like, 'stronger' doesn't actually mean anything because strength is an arms race of eternal adaptations. You don't have to be the strongest (...)

    3. Re: In a "realistic setting", how do you justify impractical equipment such as Mecha, swords & faction special(...)

      'Realism' doesn't really apply to people if you think about it. Because we only really do what we want to do, and are only limited by what we can't do. That means that while there is an ecomic way to do (...)

    4. Re: Hurricane Ian

      I think this is the first time the news have ever shown me a picture of an entire house standing on its side. Building regulations everywhere better start becoming a lot tighter, or the costs of these (...)

    5. Re: Going too far?

      I've never actually thought about doing unusual things specifically to inspire my writing. It's always been the other way around, doing unusual things first and then writing about it. The furthest I've (...)

    6. Re: Designing a place/room

      Hello, welcome to RR.  When deciding what goes into a piece of writing, always remember that the end result is to make the reader feel something. Usually, except for some exceptions like anti-heroes, (...)

    7. Re: Just some AI things.

      Yeah, the creative industry is just screwed, huh.  I think it'll change it, disrupt it, don't think it'll destroy it. For me it's kind of exciting because one of the saddest things as an artist (...)

    8. Re: Just some AI things.

      Yeah, the creative industry is just screwed, huh. 

    9. Re: what’s your primary language?

      I am a native speaker of NI

    10. Re: what if there were 3 biological sexes?

      That said, I don't see crushes working here. This species would have to reproduce based on arrranged marriages or something. Convenience. Then maybe they could couple or triple up on the side, but actually (...)

    11. Re: what if there were 3 biological sexes?

      i hope there is no evolution involved in this fuckery because they would have gone extinct really fast. A minimum of 2 beings involved in mating is optimal for having genetic recombination while the difficulty (...)

    12. Re: How do you make a Fantasy Kitchen Sink in the style of Marvel/DC Comics where aliens, gods, demons etc can(...)

      You could just not explain it. Keep it like in reality, where people are convinced THEIR religion is the one true religion but no one knows for sure. Nice and trippy. 

    13. Re: Machine generated stories...

      I just tried one out, and here are the results: Me -> A terminally I'll guy named Malik enters an mmorpg with the purpose of making his body stronger in real life.  AI-> He's looking to get stronger (...)

    14. Re: Would anyone be interested in reading something written as a TV show script

      If people wanted to read scripts for fun, there's be scripts available in book stores and stuff like that. They're not fun to read. I'll go with 'no' I'm afraid.  I agree with Sorcerers Pen. If you (...)

    15. Re: Machine generated stories...

      Just wait until East Tale starts stealing AI written stories from RoyalRoad in however many years. BOTS vs AIs DEATH MATCH! Insert "let them fight" gif here. The Dead Internet truly starts here. Just (...)

    16. Re: The Adhesive Qualities of Cat Paws

      What about noyes, is that better? 

    17. Re: Novel Writing Books That Don't Rehash the Hero's Journey/Three Act Structure?

      Try the book Techniques of a Selling Writer. It doesn't particularly offer an alternative, as much as it just never really works with a plot skeleton. I enjoyed it a lot. 

    18. Re: Machine generated stories...

      Head down the rabbit hole for a little glimpse of the future. The thread 'all I ever wanted was to be happy and loved' is just the OP bot writing all the comments.  I guess it's true after all that (...)

    19. Re: Machine generated stories...

      The airplane, the submarine, the helicopter, flying to the moon, the creation of AI itself. Do I need to give you more examples?  These are not new things that come from nowhere. People get ideas for (...)