didn't really grab me

most things are fine in this story not enough of a grimdark element it's more grim grey compared to what i enjoy

Forsaken Talents: A Dark Path

Alright I originally didn't want to read this story due to the overabundance of VR stories on this site and others. i even stumbled on another commenter on the first chapter with the same confusion. in the same vein i skimmed over the synopsis seeing game i dismissed the story. now that there is no doubt in my mind i read the story. i have to say it's good not top tier but, i feel something and that's all that matters


Perfect for what it's trying to do and I love it

Trash Heap

 i don't know how i had the luck to jump on this story so early i feel like this story will be in the top 100 on this site if you keep up with your current release rate and if you wrote even faster top 10 easy

The Will of the Dead

 this book this book is fine minimal grammar issues good premise I have enjoyed it so far the I started reading in the first place was because I was looking for Undead stories but this is fine too

Tale of Ramiel (Completed)

barely readable you keep switching genders and the grammer is not horrible at some parts while taking a complete turn at others i may come back to this story someday because of the uniqueness

Monsters Dwell in Men - B2: Jehovah's Harmony

this story is amazing but after i read the orginal i thought that it would continue if i hadn't noticed this in latest updates i wouldn't have found this and then i wold be deprived of this story

I Think My Familiar is a DemonLord

so far i have red the the story with the genie and a few chapters of this one and i enjoy it the problem is that your writing is so good tags i normally hate are being entertaining to me

A Sorcerer's Footsteps

I like the story and the characters everything is good the grammer is an issue but that's of little concern on this site

Slaves of Cantropy

Hurry up with the next chapter

i enjoyed this story and like the premise can't stand the cliff hanger though