1. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      Also, why are we the Fancy Pants of Royal Road? Why not skirts? Skirts would be manlier.

    2. Re: Activity thread!

      117 - Where is Kevin?

    3. Re: Story Concept(s)

      So in essence... I'm not very well read. Nice. Can't expect you to have read everything, and some of the things I listed don't have fiction adaptions, or rather had fiction adaptions after their game (...)

    4. Re: Does it pisss you off to see the comment section closed?

      Not pissed off, but I'd generally feel off about it. Either I'd view it as if there was a lot of back and forth in the comment section the writer didn't want to deal with, they have thin skin for feedback, (...)

    5. Re: Story Concept(s)

      Both have been done by the Megaten Franchise, both moving between a real-world and an isekai world, and with both worlds colliding into one eventually. It's the main plot of like 75% of the SMT portion (...)

    6. Re: Ratings should be public

      Ah, I seem to have misread the original post, my apologies. If it's just showing "I lost my dog" 5x 11 4x 7 3x 3 2x 2 1x 1 0.5x 2 Then I am fine with that showing, I was confused as to why I (...)

    7. Re: How do you keep track of character progression in a story with a RPG system?

      Excel is your friend and the formulas your happy little elf workers to tell you what it all means... the numbers...

    8. Re: Ratings should be public

      I think one issue that was brought up about making the ratings public is that it would drastically reduce the number of ratings altogether and not just the troll/unwarranted ratings. People like anonymity, (...)

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      Welcome to RR! May your chapters be long and your fiction fruitful!  :DrakanWine:

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      112 - Save us from the evil Moo

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      So i have about 17k more words to write for my goal for this writathon. Afterwards I plan to write 2-3 chapters a week. But I might also start another story. I have 3 stories that i kinda want to (...)

    12. Re: Fish on a Stick, a progression fantasy novella, featuring otters has wrapped

      Congratz! I have to say that I always saw that cover image as a mafia otter with a white trilby holding a Tommy gun, and I have no idea why.

    13. Re: Time.

      Legend of the Spellthief has actually been in my dreams and daydreams for over a year, running the "adventure" in my head while bored or sleeping. Eventually, it got to the point that I thought I may as (...)

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      Possibly misandry since apparently killing men is fine, but women can escape justice? All into the trash compactor, the droids too!

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      When i get like that, it is mostly just gas. Let it out and you won't feel like that. But what if I want to step on the gas? You can always step on the gas. I would have also accepted this: (...)

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      When i get like that, it is mostly just gas. Let it out and you won't feel like that. But what if I want to step on the gas?

    17. Re: A bit of an Update

      To be fair, the iguana has interesting plot armor, more often than not, the things that tries to kill him ends up dead. 😂


      I'm here for the promise of some high-quality chips, I already got the fryer ready  :peoeating:

    19. Re: Capital things.

      Attributes and stats should be capitalised in my opinion, as they are more concepts of important information and are capitalised in a lot of gaming culture, whereas creatures should not as we don't capitalise (...)

    20. Re: A bit of an Update

      I know the feeling, my followers and favourites have been fluctuating in a range of 5 for weeks now. Just go up  :Drakanflip: Just do what I did, threaten the life of an iguana. It suddenly stopped, (...)