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      Me after getting my fiction demolished in PMs The critique was harsh but helpful and now I'm spending time (...)

    2. Re: How do you deal with procrastination

      I unplug my internet (ethernet cable) and turn off my phone. Basically, I start by removing the two biggest distractions I have in my life. And since I can't make certain people magically disappear, that'll (...)

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      I avoid LitRPG :peopanic: Litrpgs are great. puts shit into numbers. I hate it power is solely described through words. numbers are great. Love how you get here after reset haha. Well, (...)

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      Lmao North and Ashro keep getting sent to manual spam check. Cheers haha ::DrakanWine::

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      bad boyfriends doing bad boy bad things :DrakanLaugh:  Welcome to RR! I hope your fiction becomes successful here! :peoapproval:

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      I avoid LitRPG :peopanic: That is literally a personal insult to litrpg101! It's his name! How could you do this, you monster!?!    :peodistress: Whoops (...)

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      Hey ,What's your favorite tags /genres on royalroad ? Mine is Comedy . In terms of tags, I avoid LitRPG, GameLit, and Reader Interactive. In terms of genre though, I avoid Comedy, Satire, and (...)

    8. Re: Feedback on my Fiction

      If you don't mind a few days delay, I would be happy to give you some proper constructive criticism. I will drop it in your PMs ^_^. I love your story so far and would be happy to help you improve it. (...)

    9. Re: Feedback on my Fiction

      So I have a couple of issues with this: Your opening line is quite weak in my opinion. Beginning with "It's cold" doesn't really do anything interesting in setting up either the story, the fantastical (...)

    10. Re: Feedback on my Fiction

      Hey everyone! I'm looking for some feedback on my story Reaper's Kiss. Now that I've gotten a few chapters in, I really would like to hear some of your thoughts on my story and what you feel could be improved (...)

    11. Re: May the Forth be with you, always.....(inhale into the helm exhale)

      Happy May 4th! (It kinda died due to the new trilogy and not many Star Wars fans wanting to remind themselves of its existence LOL)

    12. Re: Broke into top 2500!

      Love seeing forum people reaching success. Cheers! And here's to your continued success! ::DrakanWine::

    13. Re: I think my review made someone quit the site

      So last night I did a quick review when I saw someone asking for one in the forums. The story lacked description and the quick pacing made it hard to follow, and I pointed this out in my review. I was (...)

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      I want to start commenting a lot on people's books but I'm actually really thoughtful about it lol. I can't go around leaving comments like "first". It hurts my soul rofl. After 10k comments though I would (...)

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      I'm currently listen to Gregorian chants. Perfect mood for what I'm currently writing which is not Reaper's Kiss lol. But yesterday it was Paramore, and the day before that it was Lacuna Coil and Dua Lipa (...)

    16. Re: My Very 1st Follow!

      I know this is a tiny, small thing, but it's huge for me. I just joined this community 2 days ago and am so happy to be here! Thanks to all the kind words and encouragement. I don't think readers realize (...)

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      There's a bunch more chapters on other sites. Oh, okay. I think that if you like the genderbender stuff and the other stuff going on, you will love it, but otherwise, it isn't that fun. Genderbend? (...)

    18. Re: What's the worst sentence you've ever written?

      ohohoho do I have a treat for you. Let's pull up my 15-year old writings that I've kept with me all this time: She stops singing and looks up at him, “Your back, I was beginning to worry with all (...)

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      Lexxaaaaa omg congratulations! :peolove:  We were supposed to celebrate at the 500 pages mark! but you just shot past it :DrakanLaugh:

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      Except for that one bad review that's literally so petty lmfao. He could've just skipped it but noooo, had to get his 2 cents in lol. well, that got deleted already. kana likes the story so (...)