1. Re: My books have been stolen

      Just to update this thread, and to necromancy it, Easttale have reuploaded my fiction after it was taken down by my request. Anyone else who did the same I advise you to double-check to see if your fiction (...)

    2. Re: Bought $150 of ads on RR: the results

      And being cannibals is a bad thing? Why is this a huge no? Silence of the Lambs was a big hit with multiple sequels and a TV show. Historically, there are suggestions that Carib people were actual cannibals. (...)

    3. Re: Is Mother of Learning “overrated”? I don’t think so.

      Edit: Whoops, others made the points about MoL correlating with number of followers. I didn't notice because I went right into making a rebuttal after seeing those plots. People making shitty plots to (...)

    4. Re: Is Mother of Learning “overrated”? I don’t think so.

      What a dumpster fire of a thread to join into. Yeah, let me say that I've read every single post in this thread since there have been complaints about people not reading every post before joining... (...)

    5. Re: Writathon Info?

      I don't feel like asking basic questions about the process and stating my opinion on that process should be taken negatively.  Not 1 person answered my question about how the site was run and admins (...)

    6. Re: Writathon Info?

      So the answer is no then? The Admins are not organized and don't update the site properly?  You're getting weirdly stuck up on this.... The admins here are actually amazing and do a TON of work. The (...)

    7. Re: Can't remember the title or author

      Is it this? Tunnel Rat | Royal Road

    8. Re: A glass of water is soup

      You are stepping in dangerous territory duckman, be careful before you are turned into a soup. I was gonna say.... A duck pond would most definitely qualify as a soup in that case.  :FancyDrakan:

    9. Re: Advice is advice, not a fixed set of rules. Also, big authors aren't out to get you. Shocking, I know.

      I honestly think this thread is about as necessary as another "how many words should be in a chapter?", only it reads more like a very condescending and insulting guide written by a woman who is pissed (...)

    10. Re: Why does it seem like most famous authors ignore most writing advice?

      So basically I can tell my critics that complain about 'plot armor' keeping my hero alive in situations where he should die to screw themselves? I know there was a dedicated thread to this aspect of (...)

    11. Re: Why does it seem like most famous authors ignore most writing advice?

      Because most "writing advice" is proliferated on amateur forums by amateur writers with the expectation that it will be practiced by other amateur writers. And let's say you've been an amateur writer (...)

    12. Re: Writers and participants, beware of the Writathon!

      I participated in the last 2 Writathons. (I have the shiny badges to the left, look!) Actually, April will mark 1 year that I've been on the site since that Writathon was the push that made me decide, (...)

    13. Re: Would you post a negative comment or review?

      As an author, I would say YES PLEASE YOUR FEEDBACK IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF THE SITE. I've always been extremely grateful for negative / constructive feedback, a major reason I got on here. Feedback helps me (...)

    14. Re: Should I put a comma after a dialog tag before the beat is written?

      No comma. Do not use commas before prepositional phrases at the end of sentences. This is a grammar rule.  Although if you've seen conflicting information, a style guide might exist that I'm not aware (...)

    15. Re: Restructuring an existing story

      Definitely go ahead and split them up and repost them! You don't have many followers yet (I just followed, ayy!), so there won't be much confusion. The chapters will give you more spots on Latest Updates, (...)

    16. Re: Is it True Female MCs are Unpopular?

      Most of the works on this site are progression fantasy or at least fantasy.  So no, I don't think we need to limit ourselves to someone's opinion on how sexual dimorphism functions in the real, non-magical, (...)

    17. Re: Is it True Female MCs are Unpopular?

      Can I just say I found reading this rather disheartening? It's a shame that you feel the need to reduce your female character and make her lesser than she is in order to be more likable. I really (...)

    18. Re: Is it True Female MCs are Unpopular?

      What? No they don't. If anything the gap gets worse, we're talking the gap stretches into literal days in the larger ultramarathons. Just look at the records on (...)

    19. Re: Is it True Female MCs are Unpopular?

      It’s on an ongoing theme with male mcs, the underdog finding his way around brute strength. Too bad a lot of people’s suspension of disbelief goes poof when you switch up the gender.  Actually, let's (...)

    20. Re: Is it True Female MCs are Unpopular?

      A fun fact you might enjoy: in most low-tech agrarian societies, it's a common thing for women to drag the plow if they don't have any draft animals. Steering it requires upper body strength (hence why (...)