Hopeful Daydreams

Hopeful Daydreams

    1. Re: Technoblade will be missed.

      Cant say i was happy seeing that speech from his father. Can't say I was terribly happy either. A true loss.

    2. Technoblade will be missed.

      I don't know how many of you spend time on the gaming side of youtube, but those that do have probably heard of Technoblade. As a popular figure and rising star (aprox 250,000 subscribers a month), he (...)

    3. Re: Hello! Looking for thoughts on a LitRPG system

      If the story involves people at level 128, and characters leveling fast, then 128 is very relevant to figure out from all aspects. But if you are going to spend 150 chapters and still have characters (...)

    4. Hello! Looking for thoughts on a LitRPG system

      Hey everyone! Aspiring writer here, I'm just starting to plot out a litRPG novel and a lot of the advice I've seen is saying that you need to have a strong idea of what is possible in your system before (...)

    5. Re: Hello from a Newbie! :D

      Welcome to the site! I hope you find all the success you're looking for and meet every one of your writing goals!

    6. Re: How do writers avoid power creep in LitRPGs?

      The protagonist advances, closing in on the top power level for his world, but the power cap of the series stays the same. The protagonist just gets closer to playing at that level. So just to clarify, (...)

    7. How do writers avoid power creep in LitRPGs?

      Hey! Longtime reader here. One thing I've seen mentioned a lot when it comes to writing advice for LitRPG stories is trying to avoid power creep by knowing what an endgame power level looks like and what (...)

    8. Re: Greetings!

      Glad to meet you! I hope you find all the success you seek!

    9. Re: Hello, it's me.

      A pleasure to meet you! I hope you find every bit of success you're looking for and all the entertainment you crave. Hope you enjoy your stay!

    10. Re: Hello? Anyone out there? Science fiction and fantasy author yelling out into the void.

      As pretty much everyone has said already, fantasy has a much greater audience on Royal Road than sci-fi or really anything other than cultivation, litrpg, and progression fantasy. I hope you are able to (...)

    11. Re: Any advice on writing LitRPG's?

      Morning, First of all, plan ahead. And by that I don't mean only the first dozen or so Levels for your Character, but till the "endgame". What is the average Level of the world, how easy is it for (...)

    12. Re: Concerning monetization/e-begging/shilling

      As someone geting into writing more seriously, the opportunity cost (as someone said earlier) for a chapter is about... $30 at best? I am no where near good enough for monetization, but asking? I don't (...)

    13. Any advice on writing LitRPG's?

      Hi! I have been writing off and on for years, and for my first long-form project aside from fanfiction, I want to try to write a litRPG. I have a solid idea of my system, a magic system, and a skill system, (...)

    14. Re: How I catch missing words and other subtle errors

      Lots of wonderful advice here. Would it be a good idea to have a friend read it to me, if I could get them to do so? That seems like a good way to hear it read out loud, see where they get lost in the (...)

    15. Re: Any [QUEST] / [Reader Interactive] recommendations?

      Im sure its not quite what you're looking for, but it's enjoyable all the same: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/49173/the-desecrators-tomb-a-numbers-lit-arpg is a story about a man trying to escape (...)

    16. Re: Hello, I'm new here!

      Welcome to the site! I hope you find everything that you are looking for!

    17. Re: Nice to meet everyone!

      Welcome to the site! Hope your writing goes amazing and you find more hours of reading than you know what to do with. 

    18. Re: Hello everyone -

      I can only repeat what others have said: Welcome back!!! I hope you find a ton of enjoyment writing and hope to read some of your sci-fi and fantasy (my favorite genres). Good luck in your endeavors!

    19. Re: Hey there

      Welcome! I hope you find many hours of entertainment!

    20. Re: Hello everybody!

      Welcome to Royal Road! I have to say I admire that mindset, giving entertainment for getting entertainment. I hope you find as much enjoyment writing as you would reading!  What are some of your favorite (...)