1. Requesting Cover art for my story

      18year old character description for Owen First I will say thank you for whomever helps! This story is based in medieval times, or a time without guns anyways. Think “Dungeons and Dragons” for the (...)

    2. RE: lost a title please help

      Try the story named 'Not a Hero'. I vaguely remember checking out this first chapter... (about a guy named Boris) The "summoned with his friends" and "having no abilities" fits. Edit link:

    3. RE: Rant: Info Dumps on First Chapters

      Getting back to topic, kinda, I've seen a LOT of info dumps done on the second chapter. The first usually tried to interest the reader with some sort of action scene, then the second follows up with all (...)

    4. RE: Creative Writing 352: Overview of Story Creation

      Hi Unice I started writing a Fanfic today! And I would like to know what you think of it so far. (It only has 2 chapters) ("_")/ please and thank you~ I will point out this paragraph in chapter (...)

    5. RE: Mentors 'R Us (Old, Legacy)

      (Neroborj's 'story' link goes to uni's fiction just so you know) Name is Chiisu~ (or: The Yandere Darkling) I have posted a couple of short stories entered in contests here on RRL (that aren't really (...)

    6. RE: Welcome to the University

      I got one almost immediately after posting, and none since. I sent a general feedback overview of things to work on, but I don't think it will be a constant, ongoing collaboration. I know Chiisutofupuru (...)

    7. The Yandere Darkling's Story Conjuring Training

      Mentor: Chiisutofupuru (The Yandere Darkling) Summary: I am an adventurer seeking out those who would like to spank some of their weaknesses within their creative writing OR improve their writing styles (...)

    8. RE: A Day in the Life of an Alien Cattle Rancher

      Hahaha, so true, just imagine if it was dandelions instead? (Something I've often thought about) VERY interesting world-building, I can't imagine what your 'notebook of ideas' has in it, if you have one (...)

    9. Nym Aquires a Staff

      Nym, a young boy of the forest people stood on top a large boulder which sat on a small hill. He proudly looked through the thick trees, over to his peers that were still wrestling each other and trying (...)

    10. Dreaming - ShortStory By: Chiisutofupuru

      Blood was everywhere, dead things were everywhere. The smell made my nose twist, my stomach felt terrible, my eyes were filled with tears. A dead thing lay in front of me. I felt something for it. A terrible (...)

    11. Re: MiniRPG

      //OOC Adustum managed to see Jharym's body fly into the Jesters's chest before he passed out. It seems this line was ignored (around page 12/13ish) so I think I will ignore it too. Mostly because Jharym (...)

    12. Re: MiniRPG

      Jharym continued to stare at the scene continue to unfold before his eyes. In the distance was the ball he was summoned to. The roof had recently just blown up, and fires had been lighted, put out and (...)

    13. Re: Game of Thrones

      Arya is by far my favorite character, (or 'Araya' if that's how people know her). She's on a path of revenge of destruction and I want her to succeed! Daenarys is my second favorite only because she (...)

    14. Re: Evil Genie

      Granted, but you are transferred into a computer that will never be connected to the internet, that will have one camera for you to see with and only have one speaker and one mic for your communication (...)