1. RE: Political Opinions Wanted!

      Political and religious discussions are not allowed. Sorry.

    2. RE: Writing Help for Noobs

      Where you see B i U and all the other options for editing things, there is a 'table' option when making or editing a chapter. The 'table' is the blue screen.

    3. RE: New RR Writer - Where Do I begin

      There's also the guides.

    4. RE: ouch!

      What are you talking about? (I'm confused)

    5. RE: Review the first few chapter of my novel please

      Entire thing so far... (I skimmed a little bit of chapters 3 and 4 and it's pretty consistent throughout). And not just the exposition dumps, but descriptions as well. Basically (vague example): every (...)

    6. RE: Active rankings

      I think it's the same as Best Rated, but instead with only active stories (has had a post within the last month).

    7. RE: Review the first few chapter of my novel please

      Do cultivation stories typically have a lot of telling? Because there is a lot of telling and very little show.

    8. RE: Issue with Cover Picture.

      It has to be exactly 200x300 pixels or 400x600 pixels. I'm not entirely sure if it supports specifics formats or not...

    9. RE: New advertising obnoxious

      Might need to erase cookies maybe?

    10. RE: Ongoing posts to One Book, or Multiple Books?

      I've seen it done both ways too and I don't suspect it would matter at all. I think you should make this a poll. 1. Make a new fic with new cover 2. Doesn't matter 3. Don't make a fic and instead (...)

    11. RE: Does anyone else not care about action/characters?

      Haha, I feel very out of place in this thread because I'm heavily a fan of characters and action, (but not the kind of action that goes on forever without matter and becomes boring). If a fight can end (...)

    12. RE: About advertisement posts of your own novel

      Oh, it's for the promotions? *Feels Silly*

    13. RE: About advertisement posts of your own novel

      I remember reading what you are talking about, but I'm having trouble finding it again. I think it means you cannot post a duplicate of the same story on the site twice. Or it means you can only link (...)

    14. RE: Can I insert a new chapter between two existing ones?

      My Fictions - Dashboard - Chapters There is a 'Reorder' button on the right side.

    15. RE: Looking for critique and willing to review swap!

      Here's just a few detailed things... I don't need anything in return. You have several parts where the same person speaks, yet it switches to another paragraph. Like: “Then, Knight Whitebrook,” he (...)

    16. RE: I'm a goblin rights defender and I need your help!

      By google definition, Goblins are: "mischievous, ugly, dwarflike creatures of folklore" and there are also several different kinds of goblins to choose from. There are MANY other small generic fey creatures (...)

    17. RE: Can't Change Profile Picture

      Hey, quick question - why do I just get a lunapic picture/warning instead of my profile picture? I can only assume you took it from somewhere that won't let you use the 'hotlink' for the photo? (...)

    18. RE: Any one play Fire Emblem here?

      I was a fan of the Nintendo SP ones.

    19. RE: Intro

      @LostLunita Whoa! Why is the text suddenly blue halfway through "Just Another Birthday"? (That's pretty hard to adjust to...) Anyways, heya~

    20. RE: Damage Numbers in LitRPG

      I think, that if you want to show a visual of the numbers (or if your perspective character sees numbers), then go ahead and show 123numbers456. Otherwise, just type out the words.