1. Re: I can't describe it.....aaah what's the word?! Keep it simple or smart?

      •No, you aren't the only one, precision verbs are a great way to show what you intend to happen, you just need to pick the best option. •I sometimes have those 'word on the tip of my tongue' moments too (...)

    2. Re: This storytelling style isn't LitRPG, but does it even qualify as GameLit?

      I'm not going to take a crack at anything, but I've been wondering this for a bit: what would you say Tron (or Tron: Legacy) falls under?

    3. Re: Should i charge my readers upfront on patreon?

      I do not believe you are allowed to charge upfront on RRL... at least, that is what I understand from the faq.

    4. Re: pictures à la level screen

      Like blue screens? When editing or creating a chapter, there's an option to create a 'table' in the bar where the Bold Italic stuff all is... symbol kinda looks like the start of a tic-tac-toe game. (...)

    5. Re: Symbols

      Publish date and last edited date. If you hover your mouse over them it will tell you.

    6. Re: Tell me a random writing tip you discovered.

      Character thoughts are nice and all but character impressions will amplify a character perspective and immerse the reader (especially in the 3rd limited perspective ;)

    7. Re: Suggestion: Anonymous Reviewing?

      I never realized they removed that, because anon reviews/ratings used to be a thing (there are old threads for eliminating anon reviews). I'm on the fence, there are pros and cons to both arguments. I'm (...)

    8. Re: Rating system bug

      The negative thing is non-existent (and just hasn't been eliminated completely).

    9. RE: I never realized how many chapters have gone missing!!!

      Huh? Pretty sure the chapters are gone because the author deleted them and never filed a support ticket to delete the story completely...

    10. RE: Deleting Stories

      Submitting a support ticket to have it removed is the way to do it.

    11. RE: Greetings

      They'll likely not notice, and if they do, then simply tell them why you changed it :P

    12. RE: This storytelling style isn't LitRPG, but does it even qualify as GameLit?

      I've personally not read any of those Dragonlance books, but I have a question: Is is clear in the novel that there are people playing a tabletop game? Are there any indication that the characters have (...)

    13. RE: Qi/magic

      Yet sometimes it could make for a pretty good story too~ (Based on vague memory, I'm pretty sure "Until Death?" or one of the prequels/sequels has both Qi and Magic... maybe...) I really don't think (...)

    14. RE: The appeal of dungeon stories.

      @Tanaka Dungeons encounter beautiful girls? What? *Hasn't gotten very far in any Dungeon story.* Yes there are similarities, but dungeon stories don't exactly have a very clear plot either than 'get (...)

    15. RE: The appeal of dungeon stories.

      @Jackolantern You aren't alone, I don't really get it either. I think it's more like the author simply playing a Dungeon and Dragons game... only instead they have this dungeon (or whatever) that increasingly (...)

    16. RE: How long do you spend reading on RoyalRoad?

      I'm a 0-5 mins a day person. (Because I typically just skim things to see if they're good or not... haha) Exceptions: •Fiction I've been reading regularly (though lately I have not been keeping up). (...)

    17. RE: Rating system bug

      Are you using any special characters like a tilde~ I'm not sure if they still don't work but I remember them preventing me from not posting a review.

    18. RE: What makes a character strong?

      A character with flaws is a strong character. A character that has to cope with his/her flaws is an entertaining character. Does that make sense? I can expand but I really don't know where to go from (...)

    19. RE: Sharing LitRPG tips and Tricks.

      I take it you're a fan of stat points and spread sheets (understandable because you wanted to design a game I guess). Tip 5: You don't need to spend hours designing a game. The story itself doesn't have (...)

    20. RE: Seeking reviews on my epic fantasy story (Willing to swap reviews as well)

      I typically write the third limited perspective as I would write first person perspective. Since we still know what's going on in her head, it's easy to pretend we are witnessing what the perspective character (...)