1. RE: Deleting Stories

      Submitting a support ticket to have it removed is the way to do it.

    2. RE: Greetings

      They'll likely not notice, and if they do, then simply tell them why you changed it :P

    3. RE: This storytelling style isn't LitRPG, but does it even qualify as GameLit?

      I've personally not read any of those Dragonlance books, but I have a question: Is is clear in the novel that there are people playing a tabletop game? Are there any indication that the characters have (...)

    4. RE: Qi/magic

      Yet sometimes it could make for a pretty good story too~ (Based on vague memory, I'm pretty sure "Until Death?" or one of the prequels/sequels has both Qi and Magic... maybe...) I really don't think (...)

    5. RE: The appeal of dungeon stories.

      @Tanaka Dungeons encounter beautiful girls? What? *Hasn't gotten very far in any Dungeon story.* Yes there are similarities, but dungeon stories don't exactly have a very clear plot either than 'get (...)

    6. RE: The appeal of dungeon stories.

      @Jackolantern You aren't alone, I don't really get it either. I think it's more like the author simply playing a Dungeon and Dragons game... only instead they have this dungeon (or whatever) that increasingly (...)

    7. RE: How long do you spend reading on RoyalRoad?

      I'm a 0-5 mins a day person. (Because I typically just skim things to see if they're good or not... haha) Exceptions: •Fiction I've been reading regularly (though lately I have not been keeping up). (...)

    8. RE: Rating system bug

      Are you using any special characters like a tilde~ I'm not sure if they still don't work but I remember them preventing me from not posting a review.

    9. RE: What makes a character strong?

      A character with flaws is a strong character. A character that has to cope with his/her flaws is an entertaining character. Does that make sense? I can expand but I really don't know where to go from (...)

    10. RE: Sharing LitRPG tips and Tricks.

      I take it you're a fan of stat points and spread sheets (understandable because you wanted to design a game I guess). Tip 5: You don't need to spend hours designing a game. The story itself doesn't have (...)

    11. RE: Seeking reviews on my epic fantasy story (Willing to swap reviews as well)

      I typically write the third limited perspective as I would write first person perspective. Since we still know what's going on in her head, it's easy to pretend we are witnessing what the perspective character (...)

    12. RE: Seeking reviews on my epic fantasy story (Willing to swap reviews as well)

      Sweet, a new link I didn't know about~ thank you. (and it's a place I think I can participate in) Now for my opinion(s). Opening scene: Tirius  finds a group of trees hiding a settlement of sorts and (...)

    13. RE: is there room on RRL for erotica?

      If the content is based around Erotica, no, it is not allowed. F.A.Q.- "While mature content may be included, fictions that mainly focuses on said content will be deleted." Also see: What is Mature

    14. RE: Have anyone thought of continuing another author's story?

      There has been one that I know of on RRL (Master of All, Jack of None ... I think?) -but the continuation (in my opinion) has to know and mimic the writing style of the previous author or it won't (...)

    15. RE: Penguins

      Try a different browser.

    16. RE: Beginner with no experience whatsoever

      Whatever you want to do is what i recommend~

    17. RE: Repetition of certain words is detrimental to a story

      (Those are called Precision Verbs if you needed a name for it ;D

    18. RE: How does the site ascertain proof of ownership?

      I also had my fiction on another website before I posted here and they haven't said anything about it. I think just telling them that you are 'so-and-so' on the other website is good enough (and if they (...)

    19. RE: Requesting opinions and suggestions on my LitRPG's Synopsis

      (Decided to play with it a bit): Grace’s has a no good con-man uncle that constantly leaves the 17seventeen year old((which 17 year old? Is this mention of a third character?)) in charge of actually (...)

    20. RE: Political Opinions Wanted!

      Political and religious discussions are not allowed. Sorry.