1. Re: Switching POVs

      @Alex M The "I thought" in your narration proves your example was in first " this?  I thought. ..." - quote -_- (should be "he/she/Alex" thought if it was to be in third). I would not have a (...)

    2. Re: Switching POVs

      Switching between first and third limited perspective in a chapter (or even an entire fiction) is frowned upon... with exceptions >_> (One of those exceptions being that the MC would be the first POV (...)

    3. Re: The Huddlers ( Dedicated Thread for newbie authors. )

      Prologues are used for setting the scene and/or showing one of the dominoes that happened before your main story begins (or maybe even a flash-forward of a main point that will happen in your story). (...)

    4. Re: Litrpg tag definition

      Sooo... like a dragon lance or forgotten realms fantasy-ish story? For simplicity, I'd say if "in game" characters don't know about the level ups or stats, its a fantasy. Maybe a better question is: (...)

    5. Re: Is my story considered Grimdark?

      (Actually, your signature is non-existent from what I see, so I assume it's this link? Mine is non-existent for me too and I don't know why :/) (...)

    6. Re: Multiple lead characters tag?

      It's basically two(or more) different stories from two(or more) perspectives that will likely play their own massive roles in the bigger picture. They don't all have to be considered a protagonist. (For (...)

    7. Re: How to attach files on messages

      I don't think RRL hosts images (could be wrong), you'd need to upload it somewhere else first. I recommend going through e-mail.

    8. Re: Achievements

      Those ones, and several others, will show up as you do things throughout the site. Kinda like earning achievements in a game. (I used to only have four before the auto achievements happened. Pretty interesting (...)

    9. Re: need help to start a fiction.

      Poll? Story? Is there a link you could provide?

    10. Re: Changing theme color

      theme fonts? Like: this? I usually hit the 'remove formatting' (eraser button) before posting anything public. Turns everything default. Makes life easy.

    11. Re: Rewriting a fiction from the ground up

      If anything, you should have just continued posting the new version onto the old version without deleting anything. Or just started over with a new fic. Have you made it clear that you are restarting? (...)

    12. Re: I can't describe it.....aaah what's the word?! Keep it simple or smart?

      •No, you aren't the only one, precision verbs are a great way to show what you intend to happen, you just need to pick the best option. •I sometimes have those 'word on the tip of my tongue' moments too (...)

    13. Re: This storytelling style isn't LitRPG, but does it even qualify as GameLit?

      I'm not going to take a crack at anything, but I've been wondering this for a bit: what would you say Tron (or Tron: Legacy) falls under?

    14. Re: Should i charge my readers upfront on patreon?

      I do not believe you are allowed to charge upfront on RRL... at least, that is what I understand from the faq.

    15. Re: pictures à la level screen

      Like blue screens? When editing or creating a chapter, there's an option to create a 'table' in the bar where the Bold Italic stuff all is... symbol kinda looks like the start of a tic-tac-toe game. (...)

    16. Re: Symbols

      Publish date and last edited date. If you hover your mouse over them it will tell you.

    17. Re: Tell me a random writing tip you discovered.

      Character thoughts are nice and all but character impressions will amplify a character perspective and immerse the reader (especially in the 3rd limited perspective ;)

    18. Re: Suggestion: Anonymous Reviewing?

      I never realized they removed that, because anon reviews/ratings used to be a thing (there are old threads for eliminating anon reviews). I'm on the fence, there are pros and cons to both arguments. I'm (...)