1. Re: Most difficult part of the story to write?

      World building is challenging for me. When I look back at fantasy stories I've written there is pretty much nothing as far as world building goes. Maybe I have two locations and the journey from and to... (...)

    2. Re: What do you like in dungeon core stories?

      If there is a dungeon core story with an actual plot, maybe I'd try reading one, but so far I honestly haven't seen one (not that I've looked very hard).

    3. Re: How do I see overall rating?

      Under the synopsis on the main page of the fiction, there's a 'Statistics' drop-down.

    4. Re: Follow and Favorite Tags - How do you find them after you mark them?

      There's a drop-down with your name top right of the screen. Has bookmarks/favorites/read later.

    5. Re: Changing POV in Posted Chapters

      I think I would make the story sound like my main characters are telling their own stories from their point of view. They will use their own words and personalities as they explain what is going on. (...)

    6. Re: LitRPG Guide. What makes a good LitRPG

      lol, yea, I think I caught onto that XD

    7. Re: Changing POV in Posted Chapters

      I don't understand why'd you switch. I write in the third limited perspective VERY similarly to how I'd write in the first person perspective. (Almost literally change She/Her/He/Him to I/Me...) How (...)

    8. Re: What powers must have zombie MC?

      Looking for something like decay powers? A curse that can't be controlled: Midas touch, but instead it decays/ages things... ya know?

    9. Re: A new author in need of writing tips!

      ... Who wants their novel torn apart? Sounds like fun :3

    10. Re: Mother of learning, info needed

      About a student mage that gets stuck in a month that loops over and over again. Because of this, he gets to learn a lot about magic as he tries to discover why the loop is happening. (It's really cool (...)

    11. Re: What are some of your favourite books and how have they influenced your own writing?

      The Black Jewels Trilogy (and the extras on the side) by Anne Bishop is my favorite series. I'd admit to being so confused when I first started reading because she just tosses you into the story, but (...)

    12. Re: Need Help Please

      Basically, if you visit a fiction page and hit the 'follow' button (on the right side) it will add the fiction to your 'bookmarks'. Bookmarking(or following) will also keep track of the last page of that (...)

    13. Re: I have completed posting every chapter of my novella "Sangreville".

      Now here’s something I’m wondering about.  I’ve checked the Statistics which say that the so far, the book has received 583 views, and that the number of followers is 3.  What does that mean?  3 people (...)

    14. Re: How to write flaws in to characters

      I like giving my main characters an older/younger sibling or a sibling rivalry to really flush out a character personality (and their flaws). Simply having a second character to compare to helps a lot (...)

    15. Re: Everyone has a story! (Writing services)

      Likely because the first post has been soft deleted.

    16. Re: Phone, Laptop, or Desktop?

      (Should maybe set up a poll?) Mostly desktop for me.

    17. Re: How do you write female characters as a male writer?

      Like any other character. If you were to write an unconfident male character that was too shy to talk to this one person, then change all he/him/his to she/her there wouldn't be any major noticable things (...)

    18. Re: [Suggesion] Prev - Next chapter at the top of the page

      Refer to this thread: (You aren't the first to have this suggestion.)

    19. Re: I need help with basic things about how to use the site.

      (The top right corner of the screen has your alias with a drop down menu.) For editing your fictions' tags: My Fictions -> Dashboard -> Edit(scroll down) For deleting your fiction's chapters: My (...)