1. Re: My second book has started.

      Fine, you convinced me. I went and changed my post.

    2. Re: My second book has started.

      You are definitely in the wrong forum Like how the others are bargaining their reviews? Please, I posted where my story is, if somebody wants to discuss my story, they can post here. 

    3. Re: June Thread - Promote your Story

      My second book has started, for those who are interested.  To live is to Dream, features a parallel world to ours where a System is establishing itself. 

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      The second book has just started, well a week ago and there are already 5 chapters up.  It's called To live is to Dream. It's a continuation of the events of the first but it features a new MC and a new (...)

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      The second book is live. Its called To live is to Dream

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      As said in the header, I have started my second book. It is a LitRPG and I hope it will do good.  Here is the link for it; https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/43595/to-live-is-to-dream-litrpg-first-draft

    7. Re: In need of critics.

      Sigh somebody came along and gave me 2.5 rating. Its fair, but common man at least tell me where it lacks, what it lacks. Dont just give me a rating, at least leave a comment or message or anything else (...)

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      I know there are a lot of mistakes when I wrote my story in the beginning but almost none give me the critics need or point me where my mistake is.  For those who do read, expect grammar error in the (...)

    9. Re: Review Swap

      I would not mind swaping reviews at all as I currently have none of them.

    10. Re: I'll read your first chapter. If I like it I will follow


    11. Re: Promoting my own work ; Just a Dream

      Do visit and tell me what you think. I am in need of critics.

    12. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story

      For a long time I had this idea in my head and now I am slowly realizing it. Do check it out.  Its my first published story and may contain things that are not good or you dont like but for those that (...)

    13. Re: 2K views :) [Can I... you think I can Trend?]

      Congratz, and good luck,  thought the mention of continuing the chapter count hit home with me as I just started v2 of my own. Ima go fix it.

    14. Re: Recommend Me Stories! --- Connecting Avid Readers and Emerging Authors

      Last month I started my own thing and would like to get more coverage and critics on board. I know its not as good as it could be as it will need editing for a better flow but do check it out. Just the (...)

    15. Re: March Thread - Promote your Story

      Took me a month for somebody to tell me to come here to promote. Sorry but I will do some editing after I finish the first book. The idea that had been brewing in my head for some years was to make (...)

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      Must have been tired as hell to not even think of typing the shit myself. For some reason copying just would not work.  I had thought it was hard to do this, but after doing it so many times last night (...)