1. World Egg

      This is book Two of the Thaddius Rockgrip stories.  You do not need to read the first one.    The first few chapters build up to  (Progression, world/city/kingdom builder, gamelitish, romantisch ) (...)

    2. Re: Ill proof read for free

      I like Kernstalion by Carrarn.  . I should probably try his other books.  Been following that one though for a while.  Hoping he gets back soon.  If you'd like to take a look at my second book.  (...)

    3. Re: The Blue Box Is A Trap

      Long ago, all book series needed to be exactly three books long. No less and no more.  Today the milking of a plot is a never-ending treadmill of fail.  Especially when the author made enough and has been (...)

    4. Re: Linux, mac os or windows, what do you run?

      Specifically I use Fedora for 90% of my life or real work. I use virtualbox on MAC atm because my current work is almost entirely linux or AIX based for the last several years. I have various Pi's throught (...)

    5. Re: Offering free Book Covers (manips only)

      Wow both of those are amazing. Thanks!!

    6. Re: Page Views vs Reads

      Would looking at the numbers help? I'm currently going 50% from chapter 1 to chapter 2 in view count, then to 80% of that for the rest of the chapters.  I'm not sure what is good on that percentage.  (...)

    7. Re: The very short guide to writing trauma

      I found it was one thing to write trauma, but the dialog around the interjections I was and still struggle with, I found this guide earlier on this interjection/interruption. Most grammar programs do not (...)

    8. Greetings and well met.

      Greetings and well met.  I've been on RR for a while and never wandered into the forums until recently. I like everything so far, and after reading many different stories and styles, I decided to put some (...)

    9. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 25/09 | NINTH WEEK

      Fun:  Arriving at Jack's Wagon early, he opened the door and walked in. "Good Morning Jack.", he said out loud in the most cheerful voice of a Carnie greeting a mark. "For the love of all the (...)

    10. Self Promoting: Demon Fortress.

      I am promoting my first High-Fantasy Fiction.  The content is YT vs. Mature.  The chapters are large, the number small.  Several scenes per chapter. Book Pages:  301 Its the first arc in a series. (...)

    11. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews [YES, I AM STILL OPEN]

      I'd love to have a review if you have time, constructive feed back is always welcome.   :peoapproval:  In advance the chapters are much larger than a standard web novel. Chapter 7 - The Grand Bazaar Being (...)

    12. Re: B.A. Tucker's Comprehensive Guide to Dialogue Tags

      Thanks for sharing, this is very useful!  :)

    13. Re: Is a dog called an it or a he/she

      I've used all 3 for the two dogs I own when talking to others.

    14. Re: I use MS Word to write with, is there any real advantage to change.

      I'm very new to writing, but I've been using to outline/track/manage.  And word because the Grammarly plugin will take a whole scene at a time and correct as I (...)

    15. Re: How to Quick Plot a Story Structure

      Does anyone follow the monomyth format?

    16. Re: Looking for test-readers.

      I liked the concept.  The first line Boot up: operating system I look at these type things all day.  My Day job......  Boot up: operating system (worldname)(date.version) Booting operating system: (...)

    17. Re: The Big Guide on resources

      I found this helpful. Thanks for the guide!

    18. Re: Offering free Book Covers (manips only)

      This is a generous offer!   If I make it into the 5 choices.   Title: Demon Fortress Genre:  High Fantasy Tone (what is the tone of your book): High fantasy, Evil Red Sky, rocky, Arid..... the (...)

    19. Re: Superpower training

      DND you could not learn a magic spell without finding a teacher/mentor/book.   Mentor would be my first thought. Mind familiar.  Intervention of a higher power.  System backfire.  System mechanic. (...)

    20. Re: First attempt at writing a book of any size, any input would be appreciated.

      I'll go back and work on the first chapter.  Thank you for the Input and suggestions.  Edit: I added a new scene to the front of the first chapter that should put more action there as suggested.  It (...)