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Gender: Male
Location: East Coast US.
Bio: I work in cloud computing and spend most of my time doing that or reading. I served a stint in the US Army. I have five kids but raised six. They are all wonderful kids, and I have been married for 27 years. I lived in Europe for several years but currently live in the US. I have been RPG gaming on and off for over 40 years. I ran a BBS before the internet and an ISP before they were called ISPs. I still believe Chainmail with figurines was the best game for the tabletop.

I drink too much Coffee.

I have a dog that looks at me in the morning and tells me if I do not go outside to play Frisbee with her, she is going to burn my house down. She feels she owns the place, and she makes sure I get enough sun.
I've read many books over the years. My favorite authors are Roger Zelazny and Edgar Rice Burroughs. I recently went through "The Land" series. It is an interesting method for bringing the endorphin hit of computer gaming/looting to reading.

I decided to write some of my stories down and share them on Royal Road.

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