Ismail Akston

Ismail Akston

    1. Re: Review Swap - Hell Mode

      Iā€™m in dm me šŸ™Œ

    2. Re: Review Swap Request

      Iā€™m in dm me šŸ™Œ

    3. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback!

      Iā€™m in too No from me. So this is going to come off pretty harsh but here's the impressions: First, I considered the possibility that this was written by an AI. The writing is literature in quality, (...)

    4. Re: Free First Chapter Review For Review(Feedback)

      yeah, you are right, forgot about this...

    5. Re: Free First Chapter Review For Review(Feedback)

      I've six chapters here. I could review up to 6 chapters of anyone who could do the same for me. Lets' exchange feedbacks  :peoapproval:

    6. Re: 50+ views already <3 circa 20k words already written!!!

      Three chapters completed !!! Working on the fourth one :Peopew: views keeps me motivated  :peoloveu:

    7. Re: March Thread - Promote your Story

      For those of you who love the fantasy genre, its vast and phantasmagoric labyrinths - this story is for you! In front of you will unfold a world saturated with magic, the like of which you have never met (...)

    8. Re: Hi I'm new to the rr and to the writing

      Mamy thanks for Assistance  :peoeyesparkle: