1. Re: Alexthymia and military use in writing

      In terms of combined arms Opertaions. Does the Colonel or Battalion Commander take command of Armor, Infantry and Air all at once? Or is that task given to other Officers? I'm about to go into a big war (...)

    2. Left Over Arma 3 Screenshot Art Photos for my Story. (...)

    3. Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

      Hello we are the group of Archive of Stories going to advertise our three novels Army of the Damned "When are we gonna go home?" says the guy in skeleton form. An Isekai about Politics, Strategy (...)

    4. Re: Want a free (semi)promotion for your story?!

      Tag me in champ!  Hope the stories in our sig tickles your fancy :peohello: - Ves from Archives of Stories 

    5. Re: Multi-POV LitRPG

      I would suggest going for Third Person limited in having multiple characters with their own POVs.  An example of this would the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

    6. Re: The Army of the Damned

      In the year 2037, mankind has risen its VR technology to full dive. Players from all around the world are playing one of the latest full dive medieval fantasy MMORPG, Dark Worlds VR. Twelve good friends (...)

    7. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      160  :DrakanFascinating:

    8. Re: Unused Soldier Screenshot Shot from my Novel Army of the Damned. (...)

    9. Re: So I'm a Hugger and I can't Hug my Readers through a Screen

      Keep pushing forward Bro! :peoeyesparkle: - Ves from Archives of Stories

    10. Re: It all started when I took an arrow to my notebook...

      Greetings! Another good fellow joining RR may your writings bring pleasure to yourself and to those who may stumble upon it  :peoeyesparkle:

    11. Re: I'll read your first chapter. If I like it I will follow Hope three links isn't (...)

    12. Re: What is your choice?

      How about a Dragonborn or maybe a tiefling? these two popped up after takin a peek at D&D and they both seemed cool

    13. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story (...)

    14. Re: New writer/s to the scene

      Welcome to the Archives! Done lurking around the RR, and wanted to throw our hats into the scene. We're just a group of writers sharing a profile, kind of started off as a solo thing but after talking (...)

    15. Re: Script style kind of writing

      Is it uncommon or odd for someone writing with this kind of style or format? Person A: (Dialogue) Person B: (Response) Just started writing and felt comfortable this way, Just wanted the community's (...)