1. Re: Free Review Thread, with a Twist

      Which book should I review? 😂 You do Seerica's A Super Robot Story because they were the last author to come into the thread, from my understanding. I assumed that but just wanted to make (...)

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      Book Name: Thick as Thieves 20k word-mark: Chapter 7 Genre: Fantasy Thanks!  Which book should I review? 😂

    3. Re: Hello hello... Hello

      Welcome back to RR! I hope editing goes well!

    4. Re: 250,000 views and 500+ followers

      That’s awesome!! Great job!

    5. Re: Feeling Grateful 3K total views

      Oh that’s wonderful! Good job!

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      That’s awesome! Keep it up!

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      I noticed a new brothel while coming in today, "The Unicorn's Loss". :DrakanThink: How good does it look though? Is it clean? Do they have security? Oh no, Nick! What if it’s… a nice place?! We (...)

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      So, what you're saying is I should introduce artificial famine in combination with the surveillance Tavern? And that will 'motivate' the employees to snitch on each other? I thought technically (...)

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      Welcome to RR! Fantasy is a great genre to read and write! 

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      Welcome to RR! I’m glad you’re doing better now and I hope you continue to enjoy writing here!

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      Welcome to RR! I don’t read any of those genres often but I second the suggestion to check out the recommendations thread!

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      Welcome to RR! I agree with everyone above, give writing a go!!

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      Welcome to RR! 

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      Welcome to RR! I’m a fellow Sci-fi writer and nerd so I’m happy to have you here too!

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      Good job! Here’s to many many more!  :DrakanWine:

    16. Re: 4 chapters in, 150 views, 7 followers and a 4 star rating.

      Well done! That’s a really good start!

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      Yay!! Great job! Finishing your first story should be celebrated!! 

    18. Re: Quote from a story you wrote/read on RR, that we can share.

      This is my favourite from Thick as Thieves:  There is a certain cruelty that comes from thinking you’re better than everyone else and the Magicians had that in excess

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      Hello! I’d love for you to have a look at Thick as Thieves! :)

    20. Re: The Fantasy Tavern

      I know right? Anaesthesia is for the weak! I mean personally, I'll have them induce coma before I let someone touch me, but that's just me :P I shouldn't have brought up the 'surveillance state'? (...)