This is definitely a unique take on LitRPGs. I've read a lot of them and can conclude that the idea of the story is good and refreshing.

Grammar in this novel is perfect. I can't really spot anything that would disrupt the flow of my reading, other than some sentences reading a bit weird, I can't exactly find a thing to complain about on this end. 

Style is good. Would just say that sometimes game notifications in battle can just cause for a bit of taking away from the battles themselves, so that's something that needs to be worked around.

The story itself and the idea behind it are very good. I would say this can be the best aspect. The world, the card game and the classes are all very interesting, however the first chapters to move at a rather slow pace, and the first chapter itself might be a bit confusing to some.

All I can say about the main character is he's not my cup of tea. Except for that, his motivations and reasonings are very clear and consistent. Doesn't make me like him any more though. Building a connection with a character such as Tenner might be difficult for most (I think).

Descent: Resonant Core (Book 1 of the Chaos sworn series)

Style - Personally I don't enjoy reading first-person novels. There's something about them that I just inherently dislike. However, that being said, as I read through the first ten chapters of this novel I could kind of see the appeal to this writing style. This specific one is bearable for me due to the ease/ finesse with which it is written in. I also give style only 4 stars due to quite a bit of telling instead of showing in the first chapter(of course a lot of the telling was done to world build). This progressively lessons as the chapters unfold so that's good!

Story Score - Oh boy, let me tell you. From the beginning of the first chapter the author has created a living, breathing world. It really seems like this world functions in its own little realm (I'll leave that to your imagination). This was done well through the use of radio and news (nice touch). 

Grammar - Not much to say here. It's immaculate. To me it looks like the author goes over their drafts at least once or twice to get ride of those pesky spelling mistakes.

Character - The motivations of William are well defined and his backstory gives a good insight into why he does certain things. 

Memento Mori

Overall this was a pleasant read. Nothing breathtakingly new or awe inspiring, it was all okay.

The style of this story isn't my cup of tea. It's pretty cheesy, to put it plainly. It feels like the characters are just in the right place at the right time in this magical way. I would also say that the author should show more than just tell us information. Maybe use internal monologue a bit more often to portray stuff about the MC. For instance in the second chapter, the first 3 paragraphs are just telling which could very easily have been put succintly into an internal monologue with the reader left to figure out some stuff (readers are smart, they'll pick up on certain things if they are left to imagine.)

The story itself is fast paced and engaging, which is always nice. It flows nicely, and the characters are rather unique. My only issue is that too many are introduced at once to my taste.

The dialogue in the first two chapters was weird, idk how else to put it, it just didn't flow too well or sound natural, however it has improved by leaps and bounds in the chapters further in, so do keep that in mind if you are going to pick this up. 

Grammar is pretty much spot on. Didn't find any glaring issues in that avenue, or spelling mistakes (but that might just be my eye that is used to reading MTLN haha.)

Second Life's Game: Hell

This work has managed to convey the LitRPG genre seemlessly in the first few chapters. I'm certain individuals new to the genre would be able to read this very easily without having to know too much about LitRPG beforehand. 

The layout of the chapters are also smooth, along with the stats sheets which fit in rather neatly.

Dungeon Item Shop

Reviewed after going through the first four chapters.

It's definitely a slow start, however that is nice. Having too much going on in the first few chapters really can be an eyesore in my opinion. 

No grammatical errors or spelling mistakes that I can spot. Chapter length is also good (God I hate LONG chapters). 

The matter of reading about a stupid MC, I think it's up to preference. IMO it's nice to have something written about an MC who is displayed as actually stupid.

My biggest issue with the novel is that we only find out our MC name in chapter 4, which is rather far away. I believe that HAS to be given earlier for us to be able to create a connection with our MC.

Deathlord Eugene

Writing this review as I read along the chapters. First thing that I notice is great grammar and lack of any mistakes. That's always a bonus in a piece of writing. 

Paragraphs are nice and balanced. Not too long and not too short (I hate when paragraphs are too long, just visually it makes it a drag to read).

First person isn't my forte so I can't really comment on that, however it has been reading wel. There is a lot of humor interwoven into the story, especially in the second and third chapter after our MC comes out of the portal.

LMAO okay, seriously if you want to read something just hilarious and upbeat this is it. The story isn't taking itself too seriously, and the system is just too bloody funny. Idk what else to say,

The Wild Touch

I'll keep this review relatively short. After reading through a few of the chapters, I can say that the author is rather ambitious in his scope of writing. This could pan out to be an amazing novel with the potential character and world building. 

The setting of the main character reincarnating into a non-human animal (Capyban) isn't out of this world, however if done right it could be amazing. I'd suggest putting more emphasis on this, and structuring unique elements of life that only these creatures would take part in (Idk, like the psychology of a beaver and running water being it's nemesis and major stressor). Of course this may well already be written in further chapters (I've only read four chapters).


The elements of a game system have been integrated seemlessly into the story, might I add. The way the author has structure these character sheets really makes it easy to scan, and I'm certain there will be readers who want to keep track of exactly how these stats are progressing (Author, make sure to not screw up any of the values and keep them consistent)


Wow. This wasn't a short or conscise review at all. Overal, thumbs up. Only other things, chapters are very long. If that appeals to you, then this story will definitely be up your alley!