Borne of Caution

What pokemon is, plus a bit more

I'm not gonna lie, I'm biased against fanfics. Royal Road is my main reading site, and that shows in my tastes

Borne of Caution, however, blew me away with its thoughtful version of the world of Pokemon. The pokemon are thinking, feeling,  individuals that behave and act according to their personalities. It acknowledges some of the more comical and childish parts of the show and videogames to bring to life the whimsical world we all fell in love with as a child. The theme of trauma and loss is also dealt with in a way that feels respectful and emotional, giving realness to the story.

Overall, a great addition to your bookshelf, and maybe even your favorites.

Mother of Learning

And in the end, it was all worth it

Today a legend was completed. An epic tale spanning almost a decade. Imperfect? Yes, but goddamn if it wasn't an interesting, engaging and fun story, and the internet is a bit more rich for it. So yeah, thank you, take a rest and I hope to see your future works.

To those who are reading this? My sincere recommendation is that you give it a try. Have a nice day


Favorited, and for good reason

Good shit

The first few chapters made me feel a lot, which is normally hard.

It delivers on the horror, and in the romance too.

Just give it a try

How To Tame Your Princess

Well, as everyone is saying in their reviews, this series is a vortex of madness. Lovely entertaining and marvelous madness. The kind it makes you laugh openly as your brother next door curses your name. With characters who have hobbies, tastes, histories and problems. They say it progresses slowly. So what? Each minute with Eric and friends is bliss, so the first thing i desire is to last long. That and that the succubus ends up solving her mother issues.

Comedy, action, complex characters and complex problems, with a bit of romance sprinkled to top it off. Is there anything else you want? Watermelons? Dragons? Explosions? Got it. Hell, it made me nearly cry, for fucks sake!

Now, thanks to the fact that we are finally in book 1, you can skip book 0 (the prologue), and jump into the action. The main issue some heretics had with B0 is that Eric talked with few other people(besides himself). In B1, while the humor the voice in his head is still present (which i love), there are many more interactions, which should help with the issue. Once you finish book 1, you will be ready to sell your soul for more chapters.


In order to make you start reading and not close this tab i will give you a small quote, not one of the best, but certainly great.  (Dont tell the author, he´s gonna kill me)

Spoiler: Spoiler




OH Shit! I broke the seal!

This is the song about the hero

who started the apocalipse 

with only his ass.


This is the tale

of an OP MC

called Lord Vader

and his AI Bob.


Follow this pair

Allong with his level One headed Cerberus Mini Yorkshire lvl 172 Boss pet

against epic creatures 

like the toilet golemmm