The Humble Life of a Skill Trainer

Raised for it our mc is a trainer of skills, be it cooking, acting or pain resistance whatever you may need he will teach, now you may not agree with his ways, and you may even want to kill him at the end, but no one can say he didn't teach you the skill.

well written and interesting story, mc strives to learn and teach skills even though people may give him the stink eye or worse. Good and deep characters, at least the ones that matter. Can't see a clear goal that he's aiming for besides teaching and improving his understanding of skills. Overall a new and fresh take on a game system world with skills and magic.

Wake of the Ravager

Perfect, just perfect. This story is simply marvelous, the mc is fun,  cunning and smart. The skills and system are also quite refreshing and interesting. The action scenes are great and the mc power set and abilities are something I have never seen before.

all characters have some depth and the story starts great and just keeps getting better with each new release ( the release speed is pretty fast with long chapters) 

the grammar is perfect!

I have come to love and hate some characters and if I had the means to support the author on Patreon I would  but life is hard so at least here's a review for this amazing story!

Goes Unpunished

Post apocalyptic zombie story meets vrmmo isekai story? Yes that sounds confusing but the story is simply great, mc knows about game mechanics from second hand but his perseverance and survival instincts make up for it, the story starts post apocalyptic and then changes into a transportated to a game-like world,  I have never seen something like this and it feels fresh, and being an Argentinian myself the location at the beginning felt extremely vivid . The best part of it are the fight scenes which are very detailed and filled with adrenaline.

good work author and keep it going!

The Gilded Hero

Great and pitiful hero, you really feel bad for the mc and than makes you want him to grow even more

He Who Fights With Monsters

Life like characters and reactions.

My favorite story here on Royal Road, the main character is great always confusing people so they never know where the stab is gonna come from (spoilers it's always him lol) , this mc feels  like a real person and reacts to hardships on his own way most of the time with a facade but we get to se the real him, this story has some of the best characters I have come across in this site and even side characters that appear for 2 o 3  chapters feel real.

Just 10/10 give it a try and you won't regret it.

Super Minion

My favorite, your favorite too if you read it!

This novel is amazing, probably one of the best here in RR.

The story is quite unique even for a “super hero” kinda world, seeing the side of the villains is quite refreshing, even more so by the fact that “villains” are more than just some evil doers whose sole purpose is to be defeated by some hero, here we actually see them in a different way, the way the world interacts with them and that there’s even laws protecting them makes it look almost like a career path.

I love that the mc is a swiftly designed killing machine whose whole drive is to get more tofu burgers, I love his progression through the story and how he analyzes us silly humans and our weird fondness for rectangles.

I fully heartedly recommend this novel, after suffering great loss and grief in my life this novel shenanigans have brought a big smile back on my face.

(keep it going author!!!)


This was a great fiction,   But the author got into some catholic cult and dropped it.

Greg Veder vs The World

As the title says, I find this fiction even better than the one it’s based on.

It uses the same universe and characters from worm but it’s played out differently , way less gloomy too. At some points I had to stop reading worm because it was kinda depressing, but this fiction is way more action based and there’s quality jokes every 5 sentences. Lots of pop culture and anime references. Perfect grammar and well fleshed characters . (Sparky best girl btw)

Definitely give this one a try you won’t regret it, one of my favorites.

Brimstone Fantasy

Feels like a full fledged book

It’s just amazing, the author style makes it really easy to feel immersed in the story and the overall quality is well beyond that of other royaldroad stories

(for the author: hang in there, once you get a good amount of followers they will leave good reviews, sadly once you reach the top fictions people just throw you low star ratings, (jealousy perhaps) it just means that you have something good going on here and you should keep at it!

Necromancer and Co.

This is a great story! The mc is someone I can easily relate to so it made the story ten times better, also his sense of humor is hilarious and gives the whole story a 'fun with your friends' kinda mood ( may be undead) also don't guide yourself for the overall rating as I noticed many 1 star ratings  in like just 1 day probably from some jealous autors SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!