1. Re: Criticism leading to hiatus

      I think one thing that gets forgotten is how new (in the history of publishing) getting comments by chapter is. It can actually be more brutal than getting one review of an entire work and it's routinely (...)

    2. Re: Twitter Swap/ Follows

      I just followed you. I don't use it a lot but check it every now and then.

    3. Re: Red/Pink Comment?

      Can you at least link us to the chapter?  Hey Ninja, I purposeful didn't because I thought maybe the comment got flagged as possibly inappropriate and didn't want to out the commenter on the forums. (...)

    4. Re: Red/Pink Comment?

      like this? or this? Pink like the first, although it wasn't my doing. 

    5. Red/Pink Comment?

      So if anyone doesn't mind satisfying my curiosity - one of the comments on one of my chapters turned red/pink.  What does this mean?

    6. Re: What's the highest ranking you've ever received, and how does the Ranking system work?

      My highest was 403 and I currently sit at 465.  It was fun watching the numbers tick up and getting some achievements, but in the end, I don't have any idea if a higher rank (but still outside top 20 or (...)

    7. Re: Spooky reviews

      Hey Kathy, I'll take you up on that with Isaac Unknown and I'll check out Beneath Within as well. Sharp cover, btw.

    8. Re: Can I get some opinions on my cover?

      That's pretty sharp.  Easily the equal of higher-end self-publishing paid-for covers. If I was in an incredibly picky mood I'd say maybe shrink your name a bit and make the Legacy Series/Book 1 text a (...)

    9. Re: If I published here in RR can I still go traditional?

      The chances of a traditional publisher taking it on after publishing online are extremely remote.  You'd have to hope the book was so amazing that an agent was absolutely smitten.  Or that it did so well (...)

    10. Re: How many POV characters is too many (as a writer and as a reader)?

      Personally, I think format is a big issue, especially now with web novels. If I can binge a long story (book or online) I'm far more accepting of multiple POVs because the info is fresh. If I'm reading (...)

    11. Re: Question. Do you have discord or facebook for your stories?

      Just about every person I've ever discussed writing/marketing with has given me the same advice - "You need to have a big presence on social media."  So I always ask them what media platforms they use (...)

    12. Re: Approaching Short Stories

      You could split the difference and do a novella. That's what I do. I feel it gives a bit more leeway creatively but its no where near as complicated as a novel. I find the short story format hard to nail (...)

    13. Re: Cover Help?

      If I was just going to pick one it would be the third.  I like that the whole coffin is fully visible and the border makes it appear to be inside some ominous hallway, leading to who knows what.  I do (...)

    14. Re: Anybody that says non-LitRPG can do well on here is a liar

      Every writing site is ruled by some genre.  I post here and Wattpad (to a lesser extent), but I don't write romance or LitRPG so I've accepted that I'll probably never crack the upper levels on either. (...)

    15. Re: Is it worth making a sequel if the first isn't doing so well.

      It's a hard call. I'm doing a series and books 1 and 2 are done. All of my beta readers (every single frigging one) liked book 2 better. And honestly, I liked writing 2 a lot more. It was fun working with (...)

    16. Re: New character/cover art for my urban fantasy Stormstruck

      I can always tell I like a cover when one makes me wish I could draw. Well done! Love the coloring.

    17. Re: How to solve this plot problem without alienating readers?

      The first thing I thought of was giving the male buccaneers a leader with some sort of moral code. It makes sense that a group of pirates would already have an established captain. Maybe Mei reminds him (...)

    18. Re: What book or story inspires your writing the most?

      Phantoms by Dean Koontz. It's an older work but anyone interested in maintaining a creepy and mysterious atmosphere to their work should check it out. 

    19. Re: Making money with Fanfiction?

      I guess the best advice is to take a look at precedent cases in the author's own country, because US law might be a lot different than lets say danish law. I know the europeans countries are a lot tougher (...)

    20. Re: Making money with Fanfiction?

      It's illegal, but nobody cares enough to litigate it until it gets extremely successful, in which case you can go the Fifty Shades of Grey route and change the main character names from Bella to Anastasia (...)