1. I... don't know how to dress characters...

      My MC dresses like me, that was easy. I usually just throw on blue jeans and any t-shirt under a hoodie that's too big for me. So, I decided the medieval fantasy equivalent would be a cloak and tunic. (...)

    2. Re: If your protagonist woke up a bit late in the morning, barely had enough time to swallow 17 bagels, and ha(...)

      He'd probably do what I do- open the playlist, hit shuffle, and skip till it feels right.

    3. I got a thousand views, and my first rating! Interesting timing...

      It's kinda funny, since these both happened at a point in which I'm in a bit of a crisis with how my story starts out. I'm going through major revisions, completely rewriting the first chapter even, and (...)

    4. Re: How Would Your Protagonist Deal With Getting Shot Directly In The Face?

      In my world, guns either fire blasts of concentrated magical energy, or bullets filled with even denser concentrated magical energy, so the results would depend on the element. So if it were a lightning (...)

    5. Re: Am I "classical" or just boring?

      I'm making revisions. If there's one thing I've learned over the course of my life as a storyteller, it's that I suck at beginnings. I never know what to put there. When I was just bouncing around the (...)

    6. Re: Is killing a goblin any different than killing a human?

      It all depends on their origins or levels of sentience. It could be like your typical video game like Breath of the Wild, where the enemies are brain-dead servants of evil only meant to slow progress. (...)

    7. Am I "classical" or just boring?

      Talking about my fic in my grandmother's car, she mentioned that she didn't feel hooked from the start, so it was hard for her to start the story. My brother agreed. It reminded me of something my English (...)

    8. Re: I have an addiction.

      It's as I've said before, posting a new chapter brings out the attention whore in me.

    9. Re: Has anyone else noticed the RoyalRoad icon has changed? Is this an April Fools prank?

      They're taking advantage of my starvation for attention and I don't like it. :peodistress:

    10. Re: What's your favourite kind of villain and why are they so appealing to you?

      My favorite type is the respectful type- one that understands their opponents strength and their struggles, but still continues as the antagonist. There's something much more mortal about that.

    11. You ever get that feeling, "Wow, I'm actually doing this."

      For me it usually comes from checking the annotations on my google doc. I make sure every chapter and every part gets its place in the annotations. I've gotten to the point where I actually have to scroll (...)

    12. Re: What so different about your story than the others on its genre?

      My MC speaks in a thick southern accent. I'm from Texas, figured the fantasy genre could use some representation. Oh yeah, and God is real, and he made a bunch of crippled animals mini gods. And one of (...)

    13. 1 year of Royal Road!

      Funny how I'd just celebrated completing the first part to my story at long last, only for a new milestone to come knocking lol. It's been interesting, and I've already grown so much as an author! I can't (...)

    14. At long last, part one of The Tale of Will Newbie has finished.

      Nearly one year ago, March 21, 2021, at 2:38 pm, I released my first chapter to Royal Road. Now, after several rewrites and thirteen chapters, Will Newbie has finally left Humania. Even though I may be (...)

    15. Re: Will Newbie: New Profile Icon

      Am I the only one having issues seeing/posting images?

    16. Will Newbie: New Profile Icon


    17. Re: What book would your villain read ?

      My villain would probably read the oldest thing he could, which would be a bit of a challenge since the world is pretty new. Probably some work of theatre, like this world's equivalent to Shakespeare. (...)

    18. Re: Numbered Chapters or Chapter Titles?

      I like to do both, for organization purposes, while also giving a bit of an idea of what goes down. It also acts as a great way of attracting attention. If you have a funnier/more interesting chapter title, (...)

    19. Re: What's your MC's name and how did you come up with it?

      Will Newbie. Back when I was in like middle school or so, I discovered ROM emulation on my phone. This opened a whole new world for me, especially one little series I had had my eyes on for a long time: (...)

    20. Re: A curious post

      Probably best you got that out just in case. Recently there's been a butt-ton of Russian prejudice when it really should be directed towards their oh-so-glorious leader. People are crazy and it's best (...)