1. Re: Has Anybody tried adding pictures to his/her story?

      The ones that I know of are: Romantically Apocalyptic - Mainly images Galactiquest - Contains frequent images Providence - Has a character sheet Whether they increase user enjoyment or not would (...)

    2. Re: Anyone else dying from the heat?

      Public service announcement: The cool mats they make for dogs also come in human sizes. You can fold those badboys up and pop them in the freezer for 30 minutes for extra oomph. Especially helpful (...)

    3. Re: I want to delete my stories and create an entirely different world and story

      Thanks for the advice. I genuinely don't know the answer which scares me but it could be a no and it could be a story I'm actually able to complete.  Have you tried short stories? If you find yourself (...)

    4. Re: I want to delete my stories and create an entirely different world and story

      If you don't want them on RR, there's nothing to stop you from saving them elsewhere if you want to check back on them for personal use. Just save them to a hard drive or googledocs and you'll have the (...)

    5. Re: A good synopsis?

      The problem with your synopsis is that it doesn't give me enough to decide whether or not I might enjoy reading it... so I just wouldn't. There are thousands of other books on here that do explain enough (...)

    6. Re: Do people still say the word "book bag" like when I was growing up? Or is it just "backpack now"

      One of the best things about being on a writer's forum is I don't actually have to explain why I need to know this lol. This would be a very strange thing to ask in any other community. At any rate, (...)

    7. Re: Authors, what is your drop off rate in views?

      For ReQuest: From chapter 1 to chapter 2 - The total views drops by 25%. For chapters after that (excluding the most recently posted), it drops fairly evenly. Usually, each chapter has 10% fewer (...)

    8. Re: Contribution Points

      The wording for this kind of positive recognition varies from school to school. I can only speak for the UK but it's very common over here (for both primary 5-11 and secondary 11-16 y/os). Some schools (...)

    9. Re: I need advice on my schedules for my publishing.

      Be honest with yourself and how much time you have. Setting a regular routine so that you have a set amount of time for school work and a set amount of time for writing can help. Please make sure that (...)

    10. Re: Parent writing hours

      I'm not a morning person. Not by a long shot. I just learned to adapt to writing in noisy environments. Little one at gymnastics? No problem, I'll sit and write in the waiting zone with my flask of (...)

    11. Re: Shounen-Based Progression

      Tombstone Trials might be up your street. Battling with friends in a winner takes all competition to the death. Slow(ish) start but very fast-paced after the first couple of chapters.

    12. Re: Marking as completed = Views plummet?

      is there a significant reader population who only read completed stories? I completed my short horror fiction quite a while ago. It didn't get a huge readership (19 followers at its maximum) but I (...)

    13. Re: Schedule ideas

      If you're aiming for consistency, your release rate should be slightly slower than you can write (unless you have already finished the bulk of your novel in advance). If you can only write 2 chapters (...)

    14. Re: Naming your chapters?

      I saw a clear jump in views when I started naming chapters. It makes sense if you think about it. You're adding an extra bit of draw for anyone browsing the latest updates like a tiny sprinkle of advertising. (...)

    15. Re: Re writing

      No one can make this decision for you. You either choose to rewrite it or you don't. Consider why you want to rewrite your story and what your goals are. Are you writing for fun or to improve/chase (...)

    16. Re: How many chapters?

      Every scrap of advice (and what little experience I have had so far) warns against dumping your entire backlog in one go. You're better off posting sensible-sized chapters daily. That way you have more (...)

    17. Re: About seeing your job in a story

      Not my job per se. but as a parent who works a lot with kids... Some interpretations of how authors think 11-13-year-olds think is interesting. More so if it's urban fantasy. The worst I've seen was (...)

    18. Re: Another checkup.

      Have you thought about covering some of the drainage holes of the pots or changing the substrate, even something as simple as a tarp or peat covering can help if evaporation is the issue. I've covered (...)

    19. Re: Another checkup.

      Wouldn't have thought that Britain could have much water trouble considering the stereotype of it always raining over there. In the ground is fine. I recently moved house though and haven't had the (...)

    20. Re: Another checkup.

      On purpose, wanted to do some personal research on the best growing conditions for certain plants. Best of luck to you then. I've never tried hydroponics but I'm currently testing to see what the limits (...)