Lami the Sheep that eats Lions

Lami the Sheep that eats Lions

Era: Dawn of the New Gods

Era: Dawn of the New Gods
1.1k pages

Concise Synopsis:

This is a post-apocalyptic story about the origins of various powerful figures that appeared after the apocalypse event. During the apocalypse monsters appeared possessing powers and constitution beyond the limits of human understanding. They ravaged the world and brought down all governments.

The first part of the story follows Jade, a terrorist that was ravaging the world before the monsters arrived.

Dramatic Synopsis:

The New Gods, the most feared and revered beings on the planet. They are forces capable of absolute destruction and creation.

The Council of Branches

Hayley, the Living Lie (if that is her real name)

Chao Feng, the Prince of Stars

Lara, the Mother of Heroes

The Great City of Tver

Gog, the Ever Losing War

The Unkillable Freak

Dave, the Flow Demon

Avatari, (only the name is known)

Satoshi, the Gentle Hurricane

As Impactful as they are no one knew their origin, they are called the New Gods so there must be Old Gods. I and my collegues dedicated our lives to finding their origins only to find out that the beings we fear and adore were once like us, average, mortal and weak... at least most of them were.

*It is a sort of reverse RPG as no one knows anything either skills, abilities  or how the system works but they find out on their own or develop their own skills or abilites.

*The story has many protagonists and point of views but it paints a beatiful story of survival in a world of endless perils for both the humans and the monsters(some monsters are protagonists).

*There is a system but it is very limited (not overpowered) and treats everyone equally, monster or human. The system is very different from regular systems; no exp, levels and system items.

*The story is a world building story where overall, the world is the true main character.

The cover image photo is credited to Angel David

*For now it's one chapter a day

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