1. Re: Do you enjoy stories with polls?

      Dang it. I clicked on this thread hoping to find a poll... ;) Haha I'll take that as a yes! 😂

    2. Re: Do you enjoy stories with polls?

      I am currently writing an interactive story that I try to have polls on almost every chapter.  So you could say I love it! Cool! I'll check it out if it's the genre I like because I'm thinking of (...)

    3. Re: Do you enjoy stories with polls?

      I've read some stories where every few chapters, readers have a window of time (usually two or three days, sometimes a week) to vote on a character's decision. It's reminiscent of those old Choose Your (...)

    4. Re: 200 Views vs 30 Views (Royal Road vs Wattpad)

      Oh, wow, congrats on all that! And yeah, RR is way better than WP in terms of exposure! Yeah that's so true! It seems like anyone can make it on Royal Road, if they put enough work in. I'm so excited! (...)

    5. Re: 200 Views vs 30 Views (Royal Road vs Wattpad)

      Thank you!  I totally agree that removing the forums was a terrible move on Wattpad's part. They might as well have just deleted all community interaction. At least there's a great community here! (...)

    6. Re: 200 Views vs 30 Views (Royal Road vs Wattpad)

      So I've been running a tiny experiment over the past couple months. I used to love Wattpad in 2014 up until about 2017, but the website has gone through a few changes over the past couple years and (without (...)

    7. Re: I have achieved the perfect number of followers.

      Congratulations!! Please post again in a few months once you reach 6969 followers! I shall be waiting...  :DrakanFascinating:

    8. Re: Help with review swaps?

      That's great help! Thanks very much  ::DrakanWine::

    9. Re: Help with review swaps?

      I'm quite new to this site so I'm not too familiar with the etiquette surrounding review swaps. Say, for example, during a swap, is it bad manners to leave a mediocre review on someone's work (and it's (...)

    10. Re: Unpopular Opinion: .5 or 5 Star Ratings should be forced to leave reviews.

      I personally think they should use a different system to work out the average ratinf, in which outliers are ignored. There's tonnes of different ways to work out averages but RR seems to use the most common (...)

    11. Re: How many words per chapter is TOO MUCH?

      Just to throw in my two cents - I think the most logical path is 2-3k (with occasional slips above or below that range). Sure, you'll always have people who don't mind or even like 500 word or 20K chapters, (...)

    12. Re: How many words per chapter is TOO MUCH?

      Thanks for the help, everyone!

    13. Re: How many words per chapter is TOO MUCH?

      This question is mostly geared towards readers. Whenever I read something, if I'm getting a bit bored, I just keep scrolling to judge how long the chapter is. If it's too long, I click away. But is there (...)

    14. Re: What makes you dislike the MC?

      The only thing I really hate about MC's is when they're a Mary Sue (or the opposite). Characters who start off being literally the best. Every obstacle they face is trivialised because of how OP they are, (...)

    15. Re: Urban fantasy recommendations?

      Thanks for the recommendations guys! I now have a list of things to help me procrastinate  :DrakanPopcorn:

    16. Re: Urban fantasy recommendations?

      Preferably something similar to Jim Butcher's novels in terms of setting. Thank you!

    17. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      My story, linked below, follows a gay male character and a bisexual female character. There's also a handful of side characters who land on various different parts of the spectrum. A Drop of Water & (...)

    18. Re: How do you stay motivated?

      Thanks to everyone who took time to respond to my question. I wasn't expecting so many people to respond. I think I'm slowly falling in love with this community  :PeoloveU: Honestly, every single one (...)

    19. Re: How do you stay motivated?

      There's a lot of good advice here already, but I figured I'd add my two cents as well. Sometimes I get in the zone, all motivated and words flow forth like water and that's amazing. It also never (...)