Zachary Andreas Valerian

Zachary Andreas Valerian

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Gender: Male
Bio: About Me

Skin: White

Height: 6'3"

Hair: Dark Brown, going thin on top.

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Birthday: 28th of march

Currently live: In the woody armpit of Atlantic Canada. I ain't going into more details than that.

Hobbies: Gaming (Hey, I only got like, 3000 hours on Skyrim alone :P ) , reading, writing, watching anime, vibin' on the internet, hunting (bow), lumber harvesting (I'm built like bloody Paul Bunyan for a reason, it's in my blood! It was also my job once upon a time, until a couple close calls made me reconsider), gardening.

What I like the most: My family, my friends, my brown Golden-Doodle Mia, my town, my fire hazard of a PC and my shit-box of a car. These last two deserve some love for all the crap I put them through.

I'm writing Isekai/JRPG-ish fantasy adventure stories set in my world of Azgaea. The world has Skyships (ships plying the skies thanks to magitech), magitech fueled power armor, monsters and adventurers galore, flying continents, and three empires set to apparently about to duke it out for world domination. To help you visualise what kind of world Azgaea is, look up such works like GranBlue Fantasy, FinalFantasy 12 (and any works set in Ivalice), and Escaflowne.
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