Double F

Double F

    1. Re: How would your character react after meeting you, the author?

      DOUBLE F: Hello, I'm Double F. I'm the author of Demon Blade. I'm the guy behind this world that you're in and I created all of you. RYUKEN: ... GENJI: ... SAYURI: ... DOUBLE F: ... RYUKEN: ... okay... (...)

    2. Re: I find it demotivating & distracting to look at the view count

      I think I'm going to try the "Make a shortcut to my drafts" approach, because I also find myself obsessively checking those figures every time I log in. Which I realise is pointless since I'm writing (...)

    3. Re: I'm bored so...Music?

      Kind of a mish-mash of tunes that I find pleasing to my ears. It can be made up of pop, rock, hip hop, folk, alternative, electronic and a bunch of other stuff. I like being open with different sounds, (...)

    4. Re: Alright Folks, This is Probably Gonna Be a Rare Occassion. Post Your Book, Read Below

      Sure, why not? DEMON BLADE It may not be to your liking, but I appreciate it if you could give it a read.

    5. Re: Save the first chapter without publishing?

      Instead of going to New Chapter, go to New Draft. You can go to the Drafts page and try there.

    6. Re: I find it demotivating & distracting to look at the view count

      You had the correct mindset in the beginning.   Telling your story because you had a story that needed to be told. Don't let views/followers/favorites/rankings influence your creativity.   I (...)

    7. Re: I find it demotivating & distracting to look at the view count

      It's good to know yourself and learn what motivates and demotivates you. Some people thrive on that sort of stuff, but it would drive me up the wall to keep a close eye on the view and follower count. (...)

    8. Re: I find it demotivating & distracting to look at the view count

      It’s gotta be a long one, so here we go!   I got into Royal Road earlier this year but I started writing in the middle of 2020 and posted my fiction on a different site. It didn’t have any movement (...)

    9. Re: [Admin] Author Premium Pageviews

      Cool! I never like that every time I publish, it goes straight to the chapter page and my visit count as a view. I'm not sure if it still does that, but now I just schedule it at a certain time and (...)

    10. Re: Debate: #1 Element for a Good Story

      I agree as well.  They are definitely many great stories out there that are either plot-heavy or rich in lore, has an interesting concept or a unique creative vision behind it, but if the characters (...)

    11. Re: Why did you choose your name?

      My birth name has two F's in it. Thus, Double F. Very original...

    12. Re: Is it ok to use ellipsis instead of action beats to signify pauses before dialog?

      I used these a lot without knowing what it's called. I prefer the latter, but mostly because my writing is similar to it.

    13. Re: Academy arcs?

      I think Academy Arcs is a good place to grow your MC, learn more about their world, meet new characters and build new relationships.  Maybe even throw in something darker beneath the surface. I've (...)

    14. Re: Script style kind of writing

      I don't think it's odd. You can write your story in any way you feel happy with. But it depends whether you're writing for yourself or for others. Not many people would enjoy this format, especially (...)

    15. Re: Any writers with Autism or Aspbergers?

      I was diagnosed with Asperger's once, but now, I'm not entirely sure. I kinda see myself as a socially awkward introvert with problems in expressing myself emotionally (mostly when I'm talking to others). (...)

    16. Re: Editing

      If it doesn't affect the plot (sometimes I rewrite old dialogue if it sounds cringy to me), then I don't think it would matter. If it does, then a small note to your readers would suffice.  If I still (...)

    17. Re: Split chapters or No?

      Depends on how you want to structure your story.  If you can cut it up in a way that makes sense storywise, as well as making your readers excited to read the next chapter, that may be better, at least (...)

    18. Re: Dumbest name for a character you've ever come up with

      Not sure if this counts, but when I was a kid, I used to doodle and make up silly cartoon characters at the top of my head. One of them is Pleak Spice, a naughty prankster with a big heart, who loves (...)

    19. Re: Do more people use Light Mode or Dark Mode?

      I prefer Dark Mode as it doesn't hurt my eyes too much, even when I turn up the brightness.