Mar Qaroll

Mar Qaroll

    1. Re: Naming your characters

      There is a site called Fantasy Name Generators that might give you some interesting fantasy names for all sorts of things. There are even real names up there. I think it's a very reliable site, been around (...)

    2. Re: Two new covers for April already?!

      'Lo, ev'ryone! For this Camp NaNo, I am working on the continuation of my novel God Noise: Volume I! Aptly named God Noise: Volume II, I have made a temporary cover for it! I might come up with a better (...)

    3. Re: A Few Questions for Writers

      Are there any themes or ideas you won't touch in your writing, for personal reasons or because they're too disturbing for the audience you want to write for? Nope! :D That's sort of my thing, actually. (...)

    4. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story Set in the Echoes of the Little Gods series, I bring to you, God Noise: Volume I... High above the clouds of our world resides a realm with familiar peoples, recognizable (...)

    5. Re: What is the most unique aspect of the world's created in your fiction?

      The world of God Noise, Rejisea, is a realm that exists within planet Earth as a realm between Heaven and Hell. It's a considerable distance from Hell but not too far from Heaven, which is actually quite (...)

    6. Re: Has your writing ever gotten you in trouble? (Light hearted)

      I can't make friends easily and scare people off because of the trigger warnings and content warnings I have on my site (about things I write).  That should tell you everything... 😓

    7. Re: Review swap for stories with mature content and then some

      Hey there, I believe my story could match the requirements :-) I would love to hear your thoughts on my story or even on single chapters. I'm still trying to improve my writing and welcome any kind (...)

    8. Re: Covers and logos/titles for my stories!

      I just want to share because I always consider myself a horrible artist...and I am. 😅 But I didn't do too bad with these, I think??? Hierarchy of Deities This is the overseries that my current (...)

    9. Re: Review swap for stories with mature content and then some

      I think I'll wait a bit. I love it so far, I really do! It made me cry genuine tears (rolling down my cheeks) and I am completely invested. I will gladly review after the black maid side story! I don't (...)

    10. Re: What program do you write in?

      I work in Scrivener and edit in MSWord. Mainly. I also use several online programs but those are my go-to and I love them to bits. I can't imagine anything but these two programs.

    11. Re: Review swap for stories with mature content and then some

      Well I don't know how up your alley it is or matches your definition of mature, but I'm writting this story My quiet life. I would define it as a drama in a fantasy setting. Only have 8 chapters so (...)

    12. Re: Review swap for stories with mature content and then some

      'Lo, ev'ryone. Forgive me if it takes me a moment to get my thoughts out... I'm looking for well-written—according to you or reviews, your choice—mature stories. It is fair if you ask me what I mean (...)

    13. Re: Please welcome this Poor Sinner...

      Thank you all so kindly for welcoming me!

    14. GOD NOISE: A tale of action, mystery, and truthseeking in an original wuxia-inspired setting

      ❝The venomous snake slithers over bloodied ground, waiting for the ultimate prey. The young raven innately yearns to fly, fearful of clipped wings. And watching them, unseen by both, is the all-seeing (...)

    15. Re: What tag instantly piques your interest?

      Non-human lead and wuxia...I'm worried if my story constitutes a wuxia but, it's the only genre that really comes to mind when I see it in my head... :\ Wuxia.  Bloody shame that just about every (...)

    16. Re: Please welcome this Poor Sinner...

      'Lo, ev'ryone. My name is Mar, a black transgender lover of the taboo, perverse, exceptionally diverse, and the little things that are deadly. Pronouns are he/him, thank you. I am currently an online-only (...)