1. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      Hi! I'm new here and would love for my Dystopian M/M Romance to be added to the list! It does contain MPREG, but the driving force of the story is the relationship between the two leads, and the arc in (...)

    2. Re: Covers and logos/titles for my stories!

      These are all amazing! Heck yes, you should be mighty proud of this work.  :peoapproval:

    3. Re: How to write a male protagonists

      Hmm... I recommend reading stories with male protagonists. It depends on your character’s personality, as other commenters have said. Reading the POV of several different kinds of males in various writings (...)

    4. Re: Where are you from?

      From the US. Really didn't realize how diverse this website is until now! Same! 

    5. Re: Where are you from?

      I’m in California, USA! 

    6. Re: Business With Pleasure - An American Historical Romance (Without Fantasy)

      Sounds like my kind of book :) I'll give it a go today and post my comment. Could you please check my work? It's a modern day romance fiction. I am also new here and just started posting yesterday. (...)

    7. Re: Please welcome this Poor Sinner...

      Hello, Mar! Welcome! I'm actually super new too, and one of the books I'm writing right now is a Dystopian Mpreg M/M romance. I really wanted to do something outside the box for me, and I'm already loving (...)

    8. Re: hey, it's brianna! nice to meet you! :)

      Hi, Brianna and welcome! I'm new too, and I love me some romance and drawing! I wish I could play an instrument, but no matter how many lessons I take, I just can't seem to get the hang of it. I am a singer (...)

    9. Re: Female written stories

      Hi! I'm a lady writer who is brand new to the site! I'm writing a historical romance and the POV is split between the hero and heroine. :) 

    10. Re: Hello, All!

      Thank you all for the warm welcome! :) 

    11. Re: Business With Pleasure - An American Historical Romance (Without Fantasy)

      Link: Hi, everyone! I'm brand-spanking new here (so new that I've yet to add a signature to my forum posts LOL).  If you're looking (...)

    12. Re: Uncommon Genres?

      I'm new to the site and I was looking for stories on the Historical genre, and I can't seem to find one without a subgenre like Fantasy or Romance. Not that I dislike Historical Fantasy or Historical (...)

    13. Re: Hello, All!

      WOW, thank you all for the warm welcome and all the wonderful tips! :) 

    14. Re: Hello, All!

      Hi, everyone! I had never heard of Royal Road, but thanks to an internet search, here I am. I'm so pleased to meet you all! I'm a singer, actor, mom, wife, peg doll painter, amateur artist, and writer. (...)