1. Re: How to describe a brutal death

      If you want to know more about swords and other things I suggest googling the term HEMA it stands for Historical European Martial Arts. most of what we know about medieval combat is reconstructed from (...)

    2. Re: How to describe a brutal death

      This is a PSA from your resident sword nerd, you have been warned. okay as far as the whole swordsman terminology goes I hate the term not due to the gender assignment but due to the fact that there (...)

    3. Re: I hate this fight scene, how do i make it better?

      one thing that sticks out to me is that none of the blows seem to carry any purpose or weight.  what is the intent behind every blow? what is this person's capacity for violence? are they holding themselves (...)

    4. Re: Looking for a collaborator/proofreader/mentor

      It has become clear to me that having Ideas is one thing and executing them is another entirely.    I did a review swap and it's clear that I have a lot of work to do, I agreed with everything said in (...)

    5. Re: Advanced Review Swaps

      Im down for a reveiw swap I plan to do a lot of things later with it but I finally have my first action, training scene so I decided to find a review swap, its an urban fantasy/mystery that will eventually (...)

    6. Re: Need to put a road to this sword there are touchups I need to do to the sword itself (making it significantly more gory and grimdark) but instead of defaulting to an (...)

    7. Re: So I found out that write or die is pretty amazing, totally removes many of my inhibitions to writing.

       I procrastinate, and I do my best work under pressure, I'm also a person who constantly gets bogged down by whether or not my writing is up to par, which makes getting a chapter started or going difficult. (...)

    8. Re: Which real-life animals do you think would make for the most powerful, original and/or useful were-creatu (...)

      constrictors or alligators for absolutely terrifying grip strength , you get ahold of someone, and they are done for

    9. Re: Do you occasionally get inspiration for your novels from dreams?

      yes and it was a weird dream, (but a coherent one) one so coherent that I have the general plot and power system for the mc laid out from just that one dream, but alas I need to get the book I have started (...)

    10. Re: Racechange! But how?

      Make the race change based entirely on external stimulus, near a large body of water, mermaid genes try for a comeback with a vengeance, on the battlefield may be vampiric traits emerge in response to (...)

    11. Re: thoughts on co authoring

      just curious if anyone here has tried co-authoring with others in order to cover for strengths and weaknesses in their writing, if so what was it like, would you do it again, why did it work, or why didn't (...)

    12. Re: Revamp: I don't care how long your story is gimme gimme I will review it IN DEPTH

      username: Clive_Adkins book: Sovereign of loss book 1:invader need help with: the flow of the book and characters(do (...)

    13. Re: What makes a villain scary?

      I think the scariest villains are the Byronic ones. they are intelligent, and have a moral compass entirely their own. they might have a value system so far removed from the hero's or just people in general (...)

    14. Re: dealing with potentially genre breaking transitions

      The mc has agency, but he gets dicked around by the greater cosmos, a lot. I guess dragged into things is a better way to put it, and this is sort of the core problem put forth for him, he can leave, at (...)

    15. Re: What do you think of the “Adventurers Guild” trope? Is it lazy, is it natural in a fantasy world, tips fo (...)

      I set up the adventures guild to be kind of sort of like the mob and it maaaaaay have been established by a transmigrated al Capone. who with his excellent business sense and aggressive tactics came to (...)

    16. Re: Are You Looking for Unique Cover Art?!

      The cover I want is pretty simple A large gore-covered greatsword stabbed into a modern street, cracks in the pavement, maybe a car in the background, think normal, lived in, a modern urban area, except (...)

    17. Re: dealing with potentially genre breaking transitions

      This novel is more focused on capturing the wonder and danger of the early state of xanxia/gamelit genres.  a quick breakdown of book 1  prologue is a Classic start at the end start. it opens with (...)

    18. Re: How can I respectfully write diverse/global fantasy as a white guy?

      I think there are 2 elements to pay attention to World building: introduce x into a world, What happens? , what are the consequences, benefits, how does x change y, and z. say magic gets introduced (...)

    19. Re: dealing with potentially genre breaking transitions

      book is here: So I am rewriting a novel mostly because I was very sloppy at the beginning before and did not flesh out my main (...)

    20. Re: Having trouble kicking things off and character development woes

      I know what I want to do and I think I probably do need an entire book to do it properly, but I worry about readers feeling like the book 1 to book 2 transition is a bait and switch, that's the central (...)