1. Re: Free Comments on First Chapter

      I would like to know if I caught attention with the first part of my series of events called Desdomena. I consider it the prologue. Feedback would be appreciated. I would like to not spoil the impression (...)

    2. Re: I'll read your first chapter. If I like it I will follow


    3. Re: March Thread - Promote your Story

      Desdomena: A short of a mage and monster that can be read as a short story or the first part of the tale of a world that has been deprived of its gods. The world has already met its end. Possibly the (...)

    4. Re: A newbie from webnovel.

      Welcome, I migrated from DeviantArt. The community here seems very welcoming. I am sure there will be people ready to give you pointers if there’s anything different here from Webnovels.

    5. Re: What tag instantly piques your interest?

      Grimdark. I believe a dark outlook is a more believable one than an optimistic outlook so I expect more in regards to depth.

    6. Re: Sup! Zachary A(ndreas) Valerian here!

      Welcome to Royal Road. I would like to still think of myself as new. The community here is fantastic. On the forums, people seem happy to help and people seem willing to overlook a few mistakes for the (...)

    7. Re: What program do you write in?

      I use the Google Docs app on my phone. My primary regret is not being able to easily tab so sometimes it feels like my paragraphs blend together.

    8. Re: New to Royal Road

      I’m still working on my signature but I am putting that aside for the moment. I switched one of my stories as a collection. Is it possible to rearrange chapters in case I create some that came before everything (...)

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      I got my first cover courtesy of https://www.royalroad.com/profile/178717 and I think Jack0fheart did an amazing job. It is just a matter of figuring out my signature. 

    10. Re: Regarding Poems

      Unfortunately, that attempt at an epic poem will not be me. Though I would like to be informed when someone pulls it off.

    11. Re: When someone gives feedback on your story, what are you looking for?

      I am looking for help expressing my ideas. I would like to think I’m satisfied with the concepts I am trying to convey but I am worried I am not communicating it. What I see in my head like in action scenes (...)

    12. Re: New to Royal Road

      Is there a clean way to make a collection when I already have the two as separate entries? Should I delete the later entry and tack and it on to the earlier one and change the names and so forth? 

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      I have a question for everyone. If you wanted to establish that a story is happening in the same setting as another, do we make links to them or should we try to put them all into one fiction pile. I have (...)

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      Thank you. I post onto the poem mega thread. I was think though it went for if I “wanted to” route maybe make it a single fiction and each poem might be a chapter.


      Mirror’s Depth Be careful how you grasp that mirror The glass can cut deeper than the ice of the ninth circle  Yet it still fails to capture the simple vastness of the sky All it shows is an afterimage (...)

    16. Re: Regarding Poems

      So far I have only been posting prose but while I was doing so I failed to notice a poem category. If I wished to post a poem, what category or genre would it be? Is it even appropriate to post poetry? (...)

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      I will definitely try that.

    18. New to Royal Road

      Nice to meet everyone. I have migrated here from DeviantArt. I have been trying to improve my writing there but found most writer’s groups to be fading from what I could tell. A friend suggested this site (...)

    19. Re: Do you ever hate what you are writing?

      Oddly, I hate just about everything I write after I have written it. I find myself very bad at fixing drafts because I am unhappy with what I find and try to fix it only to make it worse. I just keep editing (...)