1. Re: I have a week off work, let's do some review swaps.

      Thanks! And yes, beginnings are all too often not my strongest point, which is unfortunate. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Always working in it. (I don't usually have quite such a large cast, though. LOL)

    2. Re: I have a week off work, let's do some review swaps.

      It feels vaguely like I'm cheating by saying this. :-) I'm already working on what exactly I want to say to say in a proper review, not just a rating - having finished the last few chapters of your (...)

    3. Re: Experimenting 👁👁

      mostly, I think, because I write an LGBTQ magical school adventure with no litRPG or gamelit elements, which fits the SH niche far better than the RR niche. On reflection, probably a major factor for (...)

    4. Re: Experimenting 👁👁

      I tried Wattpad -- Where Stories Die. Literally no views at all. I have no idea how stories can be discovered there since they have no Latest Updates or Trending section on their home page. It was, (...)

    5. Re: Experimenting 👁👁

      I mentioned this elsewhere recently, in a thread about similar sites. Personally, I've had bad luck with Wattpad and I think it's dying since they removed the forums, although opinions seem to differ. (...)

    6. Re: Noticed a Massive Drop

      I think you are misunderstanding me. The label and specific grouping is political, the underlying concept isn't. I.e. Yuri isn't political, while 'gay rights' is political. So I'm talking about what (...)

    7. Re: Noticed a Massive Drop

      There's a reason that I have zero expectation of anything I write ever becoming top-tier here. Subtle and not-so-subtle homophobia and transphobia abound, at least when same-sex and variant gender aren't (...)

    8. Re: How the hell do you go about creating your own writing website???

      I have my own website. Creating one isn't all that hard - there are tons of options for that. The problematic aspect is getting people to actually find it. At this point, mine serves as a central location (...)

    9. Re: I got 0* rating bombed on ScribbleHub. Anyone else tried other writing platforms? How did it go?

      I have Transposition on Scribble Hub as well as here. Previously I had it on Wattpad, and on my own website. My own website got zero views, because frankly, I'm bad at self-promo. It's still there (...)

    10. Re: You Lot Saw the Announcement?

      I'll worry about stuff like that once i get an audience You have three times the followers I do. LOL I'm just making it clear up front to my readers. I'm an old-school deep introvert. Newly-imposed (...)

    11. Re: You Lot Saw the Announcement?

      I added this to the start of the net chapter to come up on each of mine: You know that voting thing? Yeah. Don't fuss about it for mine - they'll never hit the front page, and I'm never going to ask (...)

    12. Re: Experimental New Voting System; A Glance toward Royalroad Homepage

      At this point, while I'm half-heartedly following what's happening, I've discarded any belief of it being of any use to me - as an author or as a reader. I'm not going to argue about the admins having (...)


      I fail to see why the site needs another way to see a list of the fictions that already have thousands of followers. Getting 5% of 1K followers to vote will automatically let you beat out 90% of 100 (...)

    14. Re: EXPERIMENTAL - The Last Unrated Completed Fictions

      #42 Midnight Torches by Ghadareim (This is a 132K-word novel. I read the first 6 chapters. Advanced review because impressions were complicated.) Overall: 3/5 Style: 4/5 Story: 2.5/5 Grammar: 5/5 (...)

    15. Re: Getting into character

      All the time. I've been told by friends that they can tell a lot about what I'm currently writing just by watching me. I freaked a roommate out badly once because she heard me start crying and came running (...)

    16. Re: What is the strangest thing you have had to research for your writing?

      My recent google searches includes subjects like indigenous Polynesian ship navigation tattoos, psychopathy, how the balance of mice is negatively affected by growing up in low-gravity, the mysterious (...)

    17. Re: What is the strangest thing you have had to research for your writing?

      Oh fascinating. I may have to add that to my read later list! It sounds super interesting!! She sounds so interesting! I mostly have to stick to google for now  I'm grateful daily for her - along with (...)

    18. Re: What is the strangest thing you have had to research for your writing?

      Ahahaha that's wonderful. I'm having a great time trying to work out how they all go together. Are they all related to your writing? As insane as it sounds... yes, they're all directly for the second (...)

    19. Re: What is the strangest thing you have had to research for your writing?

      I do get slightly worried about my search history at times...  Ditto. Recent searches, via my history, include low-tech pottery glazing with limited resources, organic/organigenic/organogenic crystals, (...)

    20. Re: To all writers - How many chapters do you backlog before submitting a fiction?

      Everyone works differently. That's certainly obvious from this thread. Personally, I'm a pantser - ie, write by the seat of my pants. I have a general idea, I create characters, and I start writing. (...)