1. Re: political fantasy / court intrigue / preferably epic fantasy recs?

      His Majesty's Harem has some intermittent action but it's all in the setting of a complicated political situation. I find it very well-written - the chapters are short but frequent, and the style is highly (...)

    2. Re: new tag: no comments

      Personally, I deliberately avoid stories that are so big that if I leave comments, they'll be ignored. I value the interaction with other authors, and choose to find the underappreciated gems where I can (...)

    3. Re: Male vs female protagonist

      Either, depending on the story. However, I actually prefer writing characters that are trans or gender-fluid or otherwise non-binary. I like challenging stereotypes and assumptions. That doesn't always (...)

    4. Re: Made it to 1k views!

      Yay! Congrats! :DrakanWine:

    5. Re: What is the strangest thing you have had to research for your writing?

      Um, the issue with Google getting fixated on searches (and a general distaste for being watched) is why I usually don't use it. There are other search engines. I tend to use this one: (...)

    6. Re: Is it better to add titles to your chapters? Or not?

      I think for serials it might help get more attention, if readers see something eye-catching in the newest updates list. Personally, I tend not even to really see chapter titles. I mean, obviously I (...)

    7. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      I might regret posting this one on RR, but I figured I'd give it a shot. This is a complete 96K-word novel. Shaman - Trans, High Fantasy, Psychological, Drama (...)

    8. Re: Need Feedback for writing a physically disabled character in a fantasy/action story

      A couple of quick thoughts from someone whose best friend and roommate is dealing with chronic pain from multiple lower-back disintegrating discs, who uses a walker and has taught peer-based classes in (...)

    9. Re: Do you write different novels at the same time

      Everyone is different. Personally, I do best with 2 to 3 projects on the go all at once, and have no trouble staying deeply invested in them. If I hot a snag on one, instead of fretting over it I switch (...)

    10. Re: Serious story that makes sense

      I'm always told that my plausible, relatable, and individual characters are my greatest strength, and my worldbuilding is my second strength - it forms around the story. I do not waste my time or a reader's (...)

    11. Re: Void User??

      The Extramundane Emancipation of Geela, Evil Sorceress at Large Magic coming from various sources (void, celestial, blood, etc) is a significant story mechanic.

    12. Re: Questions for Authors: What is your impression of a reader who comments in every chapter?

      Every comment makes me smile, even if it's a simple thanks although something more personal is better, and reminds me that this is a good home for the stories I spend so many hours creating. And, as Derin_Edala (...)

    13. Re: Warning about an app

      I haven't verified this personally, but it comes from a source I trust. There's an app called Novelstar. They offer web fiction, for a price - judging by the reviews, a high, per-chapter price. They (...)

    14. Re: Rite of passage achieved!

      Welcome to the party! :DrakanWine: Report it - it's possible that they'll decide it was trollish and remove it. Worth a try anyway. But either way, stay positive. It happens to all the best. :-)

    15. Re: How to keep your motivation strong?

      Everyone has their own method. Some people plan everything out in advance and then sort of colour in the outlines they've created. Some people create basic info and start writing with no clear plan. There (...)

    16. Re: Opinions on Present Tense

      I don't mind well-done first-person but I really dislike present-tense, and I will not read or write in it. I find it jarring - am I supposed to somehow believe that this character is giving a running (...)

    17. Re: What is the most unlikeable character you have ever written?

      There's something about obsession and bigotry that, when mixed, can be exceptionally dangerous and terrifying. Ain't that the truth! Here's to the heroes (your Helena, my Donovan family) who keep (...)

    18. Re: What is the most unlikeable character you have ever written?

      I actually kinda hated writing most of his interactiosn with other characters, and especially Li in particular. Zhui's mannerism was also based on the Norman character. In later chapters, I toned down (...)

    19. Re: What is the most unlikeable character you have ever written?

      Currently, Sig. He's obsessed with the creation story of the genetically superior species he belongs to and how to make them even better/look human so they can infiltrate Human society. He's so absorbed (...)

    20. Re: What is the most unlikeable character you have ever written?

      I believe in redemption, but you gotta work for it.  Tricky to pull off in a way that feels natural and plausible, but powerful when you can!