1. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      Trying on a new name for my series. The Legacy of M Meet Melvin Murphy. An odd boy who stumbles upon the existence of a strange system that governs everything in the world one day. To make things (...)

    2. Re: Offering shoutouts again!

      I'd love one! Thanks.

    3. Re: Is there a way to 'archive' chapters?

      Technically, if you delete a chapter it stays there in a sort of archive that you can do what you want with at any time. I'd looks a little tacky in the creator page but the readers won't see it.

    4. Re: A free reviews - round 3. First 5 people!

      You might enjoy I summoned a Hero from Another World to be my Girlfriend. Thanks in advance!

    5. Re: How do ya deal with negative reviews?

      First I read the review multiple times.  Did they read the story?  Maybe they clicked on the wrong one.  Perhaps it's a joke?  Do I know this guy? Then I get mad!  How dare they gripe about something (...)

    6. Re: My first rating

      it's a great feeling, isn't it!  Congrats!

    7. Re: Why can't author's fully delete chapters?

      it could be a setting thing, add a hide/unhide deleted chapters button/checkbox, then admins and authors might be happy? That already exists. I have premium, so maybe I see something different, (...)

    8. Re: I just released my 300th chapter!

      It was kind of a mix.  Some days I wrote a couple chapters and I also took a few days off here and there.

    9. I just released my 300th chapter!

      In only 10 months too!  Onward to 400 now!

    10. Re: February Thread - Promote your Story

      Looking for a good romance?  Look no further.  Meet Melvin Murphy who gets a taste of magical power and immediately decided to attempt a forbidden summoning ritual.  When the magic goes wrong, he winds (...)

    11. Re: POLL - Which title would make you want to click on a story? (Come give me your opinion)

      How about option 5? The Arbolarbres Chronicles - The Conflicted Mad King of the Skyhigh Tree-Men who tasted a bird's flesh and is now an Immortal Reborn Warrior

    12. Re: 🎵 200 pages 🎵

      Writing the way you do isn't easy to do every time.   I tried and gave up after one rhyme.   Your words should count for more  adding extra points for difficulty to the score!

    13. Whee, I'm trending!

      I'm so excited.  Makes me want to write even more.  Thanks everyone.

    14. Re: Tolkien Style Maps

      He made this map too. https://i.imgur.com/8LlZda0.jpg?1

    15. Re: Bad ratings and what does it mean?

      Your story sounds interesting.  From my experience and discussions with other authors, there are trolls on Royal Road who go around giving low scores to every story.  Try not to let them get to you.  I’ve (...)

    16. Re: Writers, how much do you read?

      I've seen a few writers over here say that since writing, they no longer read, which I find crazy..  :DrakanFascinating: For me, there's another factor. Once I'm really invested in a story, (...)

    17. Re: Tolkien Style Maps

      Here is my map.  Chipcarver is a genius!  He nailed every location. https://i.imgur.com/7YNvmAI.jpg