Memories of the Fall

My favorite cultivation novel on RR

I started bingeing Memories of the fall during my summer vacation and I just couldn't put it down. What a great read. It's really good across the board, characters and character development, plot and pacing, prose and worldvuilding. If I had to single out my favorite thing about it it would probably be it's world-building the breadth and depth of the scope of this world is really amazing to me.  There's just such rich history and background for everything and I truly love the focus on the politics of this world. It just feels epic in all the best ways.

RE: Monarch

Nothing particularly original so far, but it's well written and makes for a pleasant read. Definetely has room for improvement but it shows a lot of promise. My main critisism is that it's a bit slow to develop (and update) but it's still early in the MC's journey and I'm hoping the story will keep building momentum. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

Edit: I got bored and gave up

The Weirkey Chronicles

This is another excellent series by Sarah Lin. Once again she's created a fashinating wholly original take on cultivation. In the Weirkey Chronicles universe the way one cultivates their soul is to design and build their soulhome. A building in their soul that represents their cultivation. You can absorb cultivation materials (think natural treasures in traditional xianxia) and use them as construction materials to develop your soulhome. The powers you gain reflect the nature of the materials you've used and your ability to conceptually represent them as rooms in your soulhome. It's amazing.

This is also a portal fantasy with several of the tropes of the genre but the main selling point is the magic system/world building as well as the consistently excellent writing by Sarah Lin.


Millennial Mage (A Slice of Life, Progression Fantasy)

It's still early in the story, but so far Millenial Mage is pretty amazing. The worldbuilding stands out as it is both very detailed and refreshingly original. The pace is slowish but steady and it has kept my attention fully. It's carefully written and the proze is at the standard of a published fantasy novel. All is all I'm excited to keep reading and I recommend the story wholeheartedly.

The Last Orellen

High-fantasy progression novel

TL;DR: Fascinating original plot, good characterization, fantastic world building, promising magic system with progression elements, very well written. Reads like a published novel, very polished.

So for the longer version, while it's still relatively early in the story "The Last Orellen" has me hooked like I've rarely been this early into a RR story. The reason is mostly the exceptional plotting. From what we've seen so far, "The Last Orellen" promises to be an epic fantasy novel closer in scope and ambition to something like the Wheel of Time or Stormlight Archives than the usual LitRPG fare. 

The story is reminiscent of series like D.A. Durham's Acacia or B. Staveley's the Emperor's Blades. It revolves around a powerful aristocratic family of magicians beset by enemies, that hides its children around the world in hopes of protecting them from their enemies and giving them the opportunity to grow, and grow in power.

From a technical perspective it's well written and edited with minor grammatical mistakes and good (enough) prose.  While it's a bit early to speak to the characterization, the few characters we've seen so far are well defined and consistent in their actions and motivations.

Overall, the Last Orellen shows tremendous potential and I highly recommend it. 

Mark of the Fool

High-fantasy prograssion novel

Well written. An  interesting world that I'm excited to explore. I like that there seem to be multiple magic systems co-existing in the world. I'm also really glad that the progression is more loose and not system based. What can I say I'm a sucker for magical academies.

All in all great promise, can't wait to keep reading.