Mother of Learning: The AU Chapters

Mother of Learning: The (...)
by nobody103
48 pages

This is a collection of what-if scenarios for my other story, Mother of Learning. Time related stories are full of interesting concepts, and alternate timelines are one of them. I've always been fascinated with AU stories, and I've decided to make a few chapters to celebrate getting Mother of Learning official published on Amazon.

(By the way, if you are interested in that, you can find the Amazon link here.)

And yes, this is basically the author making AU fanfiction for his own story. Don't take this too seriously: none of the stories here are canonical and are made purely for fun.

If you aren't familiar with my main story, this will probably not make too much sense to you, but Mother of Learning is a story of a magic-using teenager stuck in a time loop, set in a fantasy world that is in the midst of a technological and magical revolution. If you like what you just read, go hop to the main story and give it a try.

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Millennial Mage (A Slice of Life, Progression Fantasy)

Millennial Mage (A Slice (...)
by JLMullins
2.6k pages

The world is wild, untamed. Humanity thrives, but only in isolated, well defended cities, ever shrinking as the wilds slowly reclaim all that was taken. The most capable magic users are raised up as Mages to serve mankind, further their cause, and defend them over the course of millennia.

Tala is freshly graduated from the magic academy and determined to make her own way in the world. She hopes to pay off her massive debts, quickly, but still plans on living each and every day to the fullest. Too bad the Academy left some glaring holes in her practical education. Loath to let that slow her down, and with no patience for a standard, low-paid apprenticeship (intended to fill many of those knowledge gaps), Tala strives to learn and improve as rapidly as she can on her own. Her unorthodox methods for preserving her own life allow her to take greater risks in search of profit and advancement, much to the surprise of those around her.

I do hope you enjoy this tale, but let me know what you think either way! Critique, both positive and negative, is welcome.

Release schedule is weekly: M-W-F

Thank you for your time and for giving this story a try.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: If this is found on a site other than Royal Road, or the linked Patreon, it was not posted by the author. Please find this tale, here:


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The Last Orellen

The Last Orellen
by sieley
329 pages

NOT ABANDONED. ON HIATUS UNTIL DECEMBER 2022 due to life circumstances. Hang in there.  -- Sieley

According to prophecy, the ninth-born child of Lord Orellen will have the sort of power that changes the world. But in a land ruled by magical families, no one welcomes the possibility of a dangerous new player. Fearful even of their allies, the Orellens come up with an extraordinary and deadly scheme to protect themselves.

If the most powerful people in the world wish to kill the ninth-born, they will have to find him or her first. And that's not going to be easy when the Orellens have called upon dark magic to create hundreds of heirs. The boys and girls are given new bodies, new names, and even new magical talents before they are scattered across the continent. Only one among them is the real ninth, but all of them will have to grow up in a world where they are fugitives.

Kalen, once fated to die, is now an Orellen heir in hiding. And he is determined to survive, even if he has to master his strange new powers to do it.

The Last Orellen is a long, character-focused epic fantasy with progression. It's set in a vast universe, and it's about a boy's journey to become a powerful magical practitioner. Reviews are deeply appreciated. Please do not repost my work elsewhere without my written permission.

What type of reader is this book for? You might enjoy The Last Orellen if you like...

Clever and resourceful protagonists.

Big fantasy worlds. Multiple cultures, lots of characters, many different types of magic--this story is expansive rather than closely focused on a narrow storyline. 

Old-school epic fantasy.

Progression fantasy that takes its time. Our main character will be progressing through magical ranks, but this is going to be a lengthy story. If you're more about the journey than the destination, this might be the book for you.

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Heaven's Laws - Prodigies - A Cultivation Epic

Heaven's Laws - Prodigies (...)
by Elorion
180 pages

Glory, honor, and enlightenment.

The realms of immortal cultivators offers many wonderous things.

But that which inspires awe, can also inspire fear.

Darkness, corruption, and despair.

Without a powerful backer, government is fragile at best. Who can the weak turn to when the strong justify lawlessness—or fall prey to their own lusts?

On the hunt for a rare beast core that will help her become the youngest cultivator to break into the sky realm in Monolith continent’s history, Xiao Huifen is ambushed by a monstrous dire beast that shouldn’t even exist in the Redwood Aurora region. Forced to flee, she soon finds herself running low on energy and is faced with certain death. A voice calls out to her.

She turns toward it, scurrying after her last glimmer of hope. A young man steps out from behind a tree with a cultivation a full realm lower than her own. She quickly decides to try to save the courageous fool when he commands the wind with the swipe of a hand, pushing her out of the way, and stands to face the dire beast alone.

What she witnesses in this one person is an undeniable weakness, and heaven defying strength.

Note: This book is already written and being edited. It will be heading for Kindle Unlimited so it will only be up for a limited time.


Copyright © 2020 by Apollos Thorne

Copyright © 2021 by Apollos Thorne

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Content Disclaimer

This book takes on sexual assault. There is no sexual content or instances of abuse. No graphic content. Nothing is shown, explicitly or otherwise. The author has gone to great lengths to handle it in a mature and respectful manner, but it may be troubling for some readers. Discretion is advised.

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Web of Secrets [Modern Cultivation]

Web of Secrets [Modern (...)
by David Musk
914 pages

A hacker uses her unique skills to unlock the secrets of Mana Arts.

Mana Artists rule the world, and the path to power is a well-kept secret, restricted to state-approved programs and universities.

Akari Zeller will never be a Mana Artist. Not if society has its way. She's a Bronze with no money, no family, and no connections. But technology is advancing too. And to a skilled hacker like Akari, no secret is safe forever. The dark web holds the keys to true power, advancement, and her only chance of survival.

Web of Secrets on davidmusk.com

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Beneath the Dragoneye Moons

Beneath the Dragoneye (...)
by Selkie
4.4k pages

Winner of the 2022 Stabby Award!


Elaine is ripped from this world to Pallos, a land of unlimited possibilities made real by a grand System governing classes, skills, and magic.

An ideal society? What is this, a fantasy novel?

Adventures? Right this way!

A Grand quest? Nah.

Friends and loot? Heck yes!

Humans are the top dog? Nope, dinosaur food.

Healing and fighting? Well, everything is trying to eat her.

Join Elaine as she travels around Pallos, discovering all the wonders and mysteries of the world, trying to find a place where she belongs, hunting those elusive mangos, all while the ominous Dragoneye Moons watch her every move.

Hey! Beneath the Dragoneye Moons is my first writing effort, so please be kind, but don’t hesitate to point out the flaws.

The story starts off slowly, more like a slice of life than action-adventure, but it gets there!

I’m going to be posting M-W-F

I do know how the story ends, and I promise if it ever gets dropped, or I stop doing this, I will post the ending. There will be no random “this is the last chapter” out of the blue.



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Memories of the Fall

Memories of the Fall
by Rith
9.8k pages

This is a story about two sisters, Jun Arai and Jun Sana, and their friends, Juni, Ling and Shu who make their living as members of the Hunter Bureau, an organisation dedicated to dealing with the terrifying flora and fauna endemic to their home Great World. When they get dragged into a grand scheme to unpick the ancient secrets entombed within one its foremost forbidden zones in their world, the Yin Eclipse Mountains, they must all try to survive the dark machinations, eldritch undercurrents and the echoes of a terrible conflict trying to re-emerge into an unsuspecting cosmos that had rather hoped it was done with that kind of thing a few eras hence.

So please come join Arai, Sana, Juni, Ling, Shu and the rest of my cast as they journey through strange lands, meet all kinds of unusual beings and unravel some of the power and glory of a land time tried very hard to forget.

I promise terrifying mushrooms, angry snakes, confused gods, even more confused cultivators and much, much more!

Update schedule: (01/11/2022) As chapters are done, sorry.

Progress: Currently up to old chapter 13-15. Chapter 24(or 25)/13, Parts 1 & 2 will be the end of the rework. Part 2 has been delayed because i got long covid. This is not my year, clearly.

You can currently pick up most story threads after the rewritten chapters, starting from chapter 13-14 (old)

Genre-wise, this is a bit hard to pin down. It's technically a Xianxia (because cultivators!), but it also veers towards Xuanhuan and has more traditional High Fantasy elements and a bit of Gods and Monsters and All Myths Are (on some levels) Valid. It also has a fairly large, ensemble cast, so if multiple point's of view are not your thing I am sorry.  It won't ever really be considered 'grimdark' by any real measure of that definition but it does go to some complicated and fairly places dark occasionally, which I will note in author pre-chapter notes when expedient!.

About the Author

I mainly write fiction for my own hobby, it makes a nice change from academic scribbling! I started writing this quite a number of years ago. It has grown somewhat organically out of a bunch of different interests in all kinds of Mythology, World Building, Drawing Maps, Archaeology, Anthropology, History and Epic Fantasy fiction into what it is today.

So I hope you enjoy the story and thanks for reading!

Other stuff

The cover is made by the author, using photos taken by the author.

There is a Discord Server- Please come and chat, but beware of spoilers.

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The Weirkey Chronicles

The Weirkey Chronicles (...)
by SarahLin
0 pages

Betrayed. Murdered. Reborn. One last chance, to make it right. Theo's adventure ended with his mentor's hands around his neck. The betrayal cost him his friends, allies and everything he had built... but not his life. Though broken and powerless, Theo has one last chance to enter the Nine Worlds, wielding the knowledge and expertise of his first life. This time, he needs more than just power, he needs to unravel the deception that killed him once... and is coming for him again.

Character artwork: https://i.imgur.com/CEfPC1G.jpg

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Just a Bystander

Just a Bystander
by Aefraga
1.5k pages

Everyone wants to believe they are the hero of their own story. But in a world where prophecies are real, what happens if you're not the Chosen One?

A budding arcanist named Caden enrols in the Academy, entering the same cohort as one of the legendary Chosen Ones, and finds himself caught in a tangle of fate that threatens to unravel the entire Empire. 

Updates on the last week of each month.

Join the Discord community here.
Support me on Patreon here.

Cover art by Fuyu Dust.

"Just a Bystander" is a work of love and I intend to keep posting it for free on RoyalRoad for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to support me, I have a Patreon page for those who would like to make a financial contribution. However, I would like to stress that I am able to continue writing with or without financial support and that you should not feel compelled to put dollars into this. I am happy simply to receive your support as a reader, and would also love for you to join the Discord to hang out and chat with other readers.

I've chosen not to offer early chapters because I'd like my readers to keep apace with each other, and there are time constraints that come with my situation.

Thank you for reading my work. I hope you continue to enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. =)

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Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

Arrogant Young Master (...)
by LivingSpoon
1.6k pages

What would a Xianxia MC do?

Seriously, what would they do? Asking for a friend.

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A Journey of Black and Red

A Journey of Black and (...)
by Mecanimus
3.7k pages

A conversation with a handsome stranger leaves Ariane chained in a cellar with a strange affliction. She soon discovers that the darkness of the nineteenth century’s Deep South hides many dangers. Mages, wolf shifters and the humans who hunt them play a risky game where to stumble is to die, all under the amused gaze of the apex predators of the supernatural world: vampires.
It is never healthy to attract the gaze of the aristocracy of the night. It takes much to survive in this merciless world, but Ariane will not let that deter her. The southern belle has a bite, and she is willing to learn and to grow in this hostile new world. She will use whatever means necessary to reclaim her freedom, be it guile, charm, or those intriguing new instincts that make blood so delectable. 



This is a story of vampires as I believe they should be, with their strengths and weaknesses, with their remnants of humanity and the beast inside. Updates every Friday. Mind the tags. 

Cover by Antti Hakosaari: https://www.artstation.com/haco

Special thanks to Svensonsen for getting me started, as well as Omi Nya, Hesketh, Rhaegar, Yaksher, Selkie and Raven for proofreading my stuff. Thanks to my patrons and you dear readers, for the support. I could not do it without you.

Journey is on Amazon, both in ebooks and audio. here is a link to the first one:


The story probably exists in your local marketplace as well of I can tempt you.

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He Who Fights With Monsters

He Who Fights With Monsters (...)
by Shirtaloon (Travis Deverell)
1.2k pages

Access the discord here.

Earlier books available on Amazon

Story is currently on Hiatus until February. Book 9 starts with chapter 595.

Jason wakes up in a mysterious world of magic and monsters. He’ll face off against cannibals, cultists, wizards, monsters, and that’s just the first day. He’s going to need courage, he’s going to need wit and he’s going to need some magic powers of his own. But first, he’s going to need pants.

Follow Jason as he makes a place for himself in a world that is strange, yet sometimes strangely familiar. He’ll meet crime lords and aristocrats, gods and monsters on his path from would-be victim to heroic adventurer. At least, he tries to be heroic. It’s hard to be good when all your powers are evil.

Please note: I am Australian and this story is written in Australian English, so there will be less of the letter Z and more of the letter U.

This web novel is also available at Scribblehub.com

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