1. Re: Why do people think MC's need to be perfect?

      Characters can make stupid choices but they shouldn't feel like stupid choices at the time. All the best stories I've read are ones where I get swept up in the thought process of the current POV character (...)

    2. Re: To all authors: don't give up if you're demotivated. Press on, rewrite, or start a new story. Whatever it (...)

      All I can say is one thing: write! Hehe It sounds so easy... Whenever I try to write something I'm super motivated for a week before the steam runs out and I have another unfinished story (...)

    3. Re: What is better a Hard or Soft Magic system?

      I generally think it depends on who uses it. If everyone or a large proportion of characters can use the magic then there needs to be internal consistency and a way to compare various magic users. If magic (...)

    4. Re: Words for 'humanity' in multi-species fantasy settings?

      what do you mean by omnipresent That they are everywhere; as in present in every civilized part of the world. If there are no humans where you live using the word humanoid doesn't make sense as it (...)

    5. Re: Words for 'humanity' in multi-species fantasy settings?

      If you use the word humanoid as an overarching term you run into the problem that the word implies that these other thinking creatures are like humans but different. Depending on your world building humans (...)