1. Re: What is the worst Iskeai/Portal Fantasy trope?

      Dumb locals who haven't even figured out that manure is fertilizer.  Like seriously, how does a medieval-esque population that has made a multi-generations-long living by hunting and foraging and (...)

    2. Re: How do you guys feel about crouching moron, hidden badass protagonist?

      Good if done every other thing....

    3. Re: Story Growing Slowly: Should I Give Up?

      Write for the sake of wanting to write. If you have growth, charish it, but it shouldn't be your goal. Chasing growth will eventually turn the art into work; the worst act you can inflict upon yourself. (...)

    4. Re: For the anime watchers and manga readers out there...

      It started of being similar and partially inspired by's slowly been turning into something closer to Berserk... :DrakanFascinating: It wasn't meant to be doing that, but hey....if it (...)

    5. Re: Help, I've spiralled out of control

      :DrakanFascinating:  there is a worrying amount of people who apparently gain some ill effect from my art. No just here, but wow....Apparently Lovecraft wasn't entirely wrong about "things that harm from (...)

    6. Re: Help, I've spiralled out of control

      Just to point out how detailed it is...this is a closer look at one of the spots

    7. Help, I've spiralled out of control

      I have been not able to write a lot lately but wanting to do something creative. Yet the more time passes, the more I need to make more complex things file in full quality size is (...)

    8. Re: Story length

      A story needs to be however long it takes to tell it's story long is that? That's something that depends on each story indvidually.

    9. Re: How art thou like Shakespeare?

      Leery is those who gaze long upon ancient texts of so claimed words thought common. Brackish does counted years turn the time's false placid surface. For 'lund wer mun' speak of English 'land man mouth' (...)

    10. Re: Whining about my own inability to make decisions

      I've started the 3rd volume of my story earlier in October and it only has 2 chapters out so far, but I've already got that new book syndrome kicking me in the ass real bad.  The 3rd chapter I'm having (...)

    11. Re: Comedic wit alongside dark humor is hard to find, anyone else ?

      :DrakanFascinating:  .... have you been outside?

    12. Whining about my own inability to make decisions

      :peodead: I started with it being just part of the first with a "Book 2" at the front and now that its in it's own work? I already am second guessing that choose after 3 chapters. Whelp. Good job me. (...)

    13. Re: How do You Get Yourself into the Mood for Writing?

      Music helps. Music helps a lot actually. Then it kinda changes on what mood I'm trying to get in to write the correct mood of the work. For instance, if I'm trying to write something sad? Usually (...)

    14. Re: Since we don't have any for meme forum, then I'll be posting that here. I feel personally called out by this :DrakanFascinating:  except all the self editing I do is before I put up a chapter. Oh god, please, stop me from rewriting (...)

    15. Re: Questions to readers about darker type of MCs

      I mean...villian protagonist is a tag and has plenty of fictions. My own work has, somewhat, blurred some lines with the MC but he has his reasons and is ultimately working towards a better world. (...)

    16. Re: How to write about something i have never experience?

      Hi... I'm an aspiring writer but I haven't been writing in months. Recently, I have this story idea rolling around in the back head but I am hesitant to go for it as it's would be about something (...)

    17. Re: Alright! You've seen what DOESN'T work for Marketing, how about telling us what that was so we can learn (...)

      I’m sorry, he bought ad space on a hentai site? Er what? And it got views? Actually...given the types of people who go to those sites? If you are writing a weeb-ish style story, it would probably (...)

    18. Re: Your Favorite Character

      None of them....I else could I torment them? I'm not...lying to spare my own emotions...I swear... :drakansweat:

    19. Re: The question of life, the univerese, everything.

      Yes, we all know the answer, but that caught your attention, so I'm here to ask you one question. How are you today? Doth mine suffering hath end or hath they only but ebbs like horrid oceans (...)

    20. Re: Promote your story – but by only describing your protagonist

      "I'll do far worse if it's needed. Whatever it takes...I will become whatever it takes." - Alexander Moores, Undying Hound of Sorrow To die in favor of one's ideal is noble, but to what end will one (...)