K Mackay

K Mackay

    1. Re: How to tag a story as complete?

      Hi folks, I am probably being a complete idiot but how do you tag your story as complete?

    2. Re: Hello Lovely Internet Folks!

      Hi folks! I got a message back about the artist who did my cover and here is their fiverr link if anyone wants to give them some love!  Paint digitally a scifi illustration by Sippakorn_art | Fiverr

    3. Re: Hello Lovely Internet Folks!

      Thank you all so much for the lovely welcomes, I think the way you've all been really nice proves that I was right to call you lovely! (Almost wrote "write" instead of "right" there I think I've been looking (...)

    4. Re: Asexual MC's?

      Hi, I hope it's OK that I am raising this post from the dead, but I just wanted to let people know that my new novel Hack and Slash is a LitRPG novel with a Demisexual female protagonist. Gwen identifies (...)

    5. Re: Hello Lovely Internet Folks!

      Oh thanks, I was just about to go and try to find out how to do that so you have saved me some time! 

    6. Re: March Thread - Promote your Story

      This seems like a good time to say hi since I just started posting my novel this month! Hack and Slash is a novel about a young woman who survives the end of the world by having her body cryogenically (...)

    7. Re: Hello Lovely Internet Folks!

      Hi folks! My name is Kirsty Mackay and I am a new writer on this website. I have started posting my novel Hack and Slash in chapter by chapter chunks every week day. It is a LitRPG or GameLit novel with (...)