Damage=MA: A Rolling Stone LitRPG [COMPLETE]

As good as Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathem


Shoutout to the RR title length at this point.

In my humble opinion, Rock and Roll is the most important crossover literature between fiction and the world of science in the last 700 years.

Now, Imma be real with you here and talk about the book. Not that I wasn't real before mind you.

Physics is hard.

No questions about it.

Maybe so hard that our system forgot to balance the rolling stone class properly?

But don't you worry, with enough contemplation you too will understand the motivation and insights of a humble rock.


The Young Master

Really good if it weren't for one style choice.

Firstly, ignore my position. I've read up to chapter 15 as of right now and I'll most likely continue at a later point in time.

The story itself is promising in most regards, just a few of the shifts are somewhat confusing to me. It seems like there are flashbacks happening on occasion to events that have happened between the story start and the current place in time.

And they infuriate me. I prefer to read a fiction in a linear fashion. If you give me Flashbacks to a place before the story started fine. But ones that we could have very well been privy to in the first place? That is either sloppy or an annoying style imo.

This is worsened by the fact, that we don't have proper indicators of when such flashbacks happen.

There are a few decisions in how the story is written that I personally don't like but which very much come down to authors and readers. EG. we are sort of discovering the magic system together with the mc. Sort of. He has lacking knowledge in some areas when it comes to the magic system that feel odd. Yet in areas that feel more nebulous from a worldbuilding perspective he seems to have greater understanding. This is just odd.

There are a few other rough corners and folds but those are the main issues for me at this point.

Now, it might be that I'm wrong. My english comprehension isn't the strongest out there and If that's the case please dm me and I'll change this review accordingly, but I went over such scenes multiple times and they kept being weird.

There are the odd grammar, spelling, and style choices and mistakes but they aren't bad by any stretch. (eg "cow tow" instead of "kow tow" which is hilarious btw).

The charcters are decent but I feel they suffer from the weird way the author handles the passage of time and flashbacks.

The story thus far... Is hmmm progression fantasy without real outside motivation.

This story reminds me a bit of cradle in some ways. I say this a lot to annoy by buddy Kraze as well, but here it is true doubly so. I can't put my fingers on it, maybe it's because I haven't read much cultivation but well, I said it.

Fazit: I deeply dislike the weird temporal style of the author. The rest is good.


Dungeon Tour Guide: A Dungeon Core LitRPG

5/5 tour. -1 for annoying wait periods +1 for kind

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Dungeon Tour Guide thus far.

I would advise readers of all types of try out this story, but especially readers above level 5 due to the inherent danger if addiction.

Stuff to look out for are a helpful, approachable, and kind Dungeon Tour Guide as well as a good crew of characters all around.

I find this a refreshing take on the dungeon cores ( which I usually don't care much for) and like to see stories step away from murder hoboness. Kindness doesn't have to be stupid and this is an excellent example of such.

Don't like MC going stabby stabby but rather uplift the people around them. And this might sound a bit silly, but I dig the whole character interection with people wondering what the frick a dungeon tour guide is.

Check this out

I don't know what else to write, because I actually haven't been paying attention to prose and Grammer since I've been to absorbed by the story.

Now this probably means that the grammar is good. Given by how well some of the story telling flows I'd argue that prose helps with a great delivery.

Lastly, this is a warning for the murder hobo and ice cold logic readers out here.

If you identified with either of those identifiers, this might not be the story for you.

[Maid] to Kill: Vive la RĂ©volution

I absolutely adore this story's concept. Why? Because I like skirting rules and other stuff through different mindsets/interpretations. This of course is less fun in real life, but in a story, it can result in cool ideas and concepts.

The writing is pretty good, definitely gets the job done, and works well with the story. It is a style I enjoy and that does the job. Easy to read, and easy to get lost in.

Characters so far seem good, but I always hesitate with praise too much this early, let it be said that I'm super intrigued as of right now.

At this point, I'm invested and only Guillutines could pique my interest more.


We will see if this becomes an advanced review as we go.

As of right now I'm utterly enjoying Firebrand and quite frankly I'm feeling the hype.

It isn't often that I simp so much for "classical" fantasy but this one is truly awesome. Firebrand follows the journey of Martel - our soon to be "weather mage".

*checks title again

Yes, definitely weather mage.

Anyhow, as we are standing right now we have the solid introductory arc in the works. Quite classic in most ways. However where the story shines is in building interest, flowing prose, interesting characters, and a super cool - potentially several cool - magic systems.

As I have already mentioned it lemme talk about prose. Quill writes on a published niveau (unlike me) that is fun and engaging to read. The style isn't as in most stories on this side a means to an end but it actively carries the storytelling without being overtly flowery.

Characters are definitely good and seem interesting so far. I don't want to lean out of the window and proclaim them to be marvels of writing as we have quite frankly not seen enough of them, but they work and I like them.

Grammar is a field I'm not an authority on, but it definitely gets the job done and is quite beautiful in it's ease to understand.


King of Fools : Silver Tongue

this is only "trash tier" if trash means "god"

...And nobody told me about that.

Well... Where to start.

First it is way to early if this is really a "god tier" story but I have been thoroughly enjoying what I have read so far.

The story so far has been fairly simple, in concept but very well executed.iwhere is really shines is when the premise shines through. I really like the Mc's starting ability (how it kind of transforms wit into fighting prowess) btw.

A lot of what makes the story outshine its competition is a beautiful writing style where flow smoothly into one another and draw you in the keep reading.

Character in DAO of Insults are peak. I swear, it doesn't happen often for me that I chuckle after character interaction while reading but when you have a middle aged dude throwing insults at a dinosaur I can't help but be intrigued.

TLDR: not patiently waiting for more chapters.

So what does that mean for you?

If you enjoy LitRPG style stories with a very game like world, witty characters, moody or potentially spiteful (or maybe just troll) gods, and enjoy having a fun and long time (unlike Amis) you should check this out

PS: it would be really great if RR could give me a word count here so I would know how many words I already have. I swear I had 199 when I wanted to post this review.

Mark of Time: A LitRPG Timeloop

Truthseeker is dead, long live the Mark of Time

Bigger, Better, and Bolder than the Original

TLDR: If you are looking for a LitRPG with little number crunching, a nice bit of mystery, Timeloops, and the occasional chuckle this is a story you should definitely check out.

Disclaimer 1 - I have read the first ten (? not quite sure how many exactly) chapters of the "rewrite" already.
Disclaimer 2 - While this story is a rewrite which inherently sets certain expectations, the story is not identical to its previous version either with a bunch of new and improved stuff.

Now on towards the actual review.

If you had the joy of previously coming into contact with Kraze's writing you will most likely be able to associate their typical style of lighthearted adventure, interesting and in-depth characters, and inspired world-building.

The style of writing in general is very palatable that tends to draw readers in, me included. The perfect example would be getting access to the doc and binging the available chapters till three in the morning. So with this review I officially blame you for my messed up sleep rhythm.

What I mean to say with that is, get in on this story early otherwise you might miss out on some sleep.

While I would like to touch on Grammar a bit, I am not an authority on the intricacies of English language, so I will leave it as an exercise to the reader to determine whether my score of five stars in this subject is justified. I don't think I noticed any off-putting wording and found the grammar flow to work quite well with the story.

Which is coincidentally the next point I would like to touch on. The scope is from what I have read of the rewrite - excluding information giving by Kraze himself - pretty big and shows a lot of promise.

The good thing is that this story is planned - in both scope and extend - and with Kraze's track record so far I think they will do a good job.

Now all of that hasn't really touched on the story itself, which is deliberate. I think the blurb does a good job of what to expect here and I think it is well executed. I really adore the world building in this story, but as a big delve fan I have to say I would have preferred a bulkier/crunchier system. That is not to say that the system in world doesn't work. I think it works really well and is quite organic in how it is integrated into the world. 

Who is Jessica - wait no, Jennifer? Regardless, Jen - the protagonist - is a satisfying and fun character for the most part. Now if you should be looking for a murderhobo that levels her way through countless dungeons, you are probably wrong here. But if you are looking for sometimes wholesome, sometimes hairpulling characters and interactions that feel real, look no further.

The authenticity of the characters is felicitous and satisfying. And I personally am a big fan of her teacher who doesn't get enough screen time IMO.

With that I wish you a good day, happy binging and see you in the comment section - maybe.

Double-Blind: A Modern LITRPG

one of the more unique and interesting LitRPGs out

An interesting character study and approach to LitRPG overall.

Matt our main character is a very special boy indeed and so are his traits and possibly his class.

The system apocalypse stuff is also interesting though it hasn't been explored that much.

So basically join me in waiting for the next chapter

The Runesmith

I really want to like the story, but I can't

First up my rating style:
1 Star - this is poor/really bad
2 Stars - below average
3 Stars - average
4 Stars - enjoyable/good execution
5 Stars - amazing/zero flaws

EDIT after catching up to chapter 128:
So because I really enjoyed the premise I kept reading and I have to say I do enjoy it a lot more again. Obviously, there are still the same issues with the story, especially in between chapters 60-95 or so. For a more in-depth analysis read the "OLD" part of the review.
Firstly, not every new female character that gets introduced has a huge bust, though some of the females still appear somewhat shallow, it is a good improvement.
Grammar is better in my opinion though I am not an authority on the matter.
The style is something I still struggle with somewhat. From time to time the story/pacing is just all over the place. I would really appreciate it if the author could indicate time skips through "---------" or some other form.
I still really like the story, sadly the inconsistency mentioned below will keep it at the current rating.
I will increase the rating for the last 20 chapters to around 4.25 which would result in a 3.75 for the whole story. Though be aware that there is a pretty big speed bumb in the middle.
It really hurts me to give this story such a bad overall rating, especially since the story is quite nice and without any issues, in the other areas, I would have gladly given it a 4.5 overall score. Heck, I would have done that, if there wasn't once issue.

Inconsistency is the issue for me. One of the best examples of this is world-building. Generally it is really good and interesting but it just doesn't hold up to scrutiny at all.

"Roland wanted to remind Bernir about dropping the honorifics but then he remembered. He was actually about double the age of this young man, so acting as his master wouldn’t be that out of the ordinary."

This is our PoV protagonist and he is talking to someone younger than him that wants to be his apprentice.

The character is around 16-17 years old. This means that "this young man" is firstly a child/boy with around 8 years. Ok this is borderline acceptable within the world building.

What is not acceptable however is that the MC got his first class at a super young age of 10 (super young in this world). It costs 2 small gold coins to manage that (around 2000$) but also has his second class. A total level of 45. The MC has a noble background while the boy is from a village and seems to have a poorer background. We also learn that most get awakened at the age of 15-16...

Issues like that appear sadly all to frequently.

Style is sadly only acceptable as well. Many people here in the ratings complain about "show don't tell" not being upheld. This is in my opinion not a good critique, as "info dumps" are not necessarily bad, if well done.

The infodumps used on the story overall are not bad though. What most people probably don't like, is that the same info is dumped on you multiple times, sometimes even in the same chapter just a few paragraphs between.

The rest of the style of writing is good though, so I think that with some improvements and editing this could very well reach 4-5 Stars.

Something I personally don't like but will not take any stars away is that the switching of PoVs is fluid. As in you can't see by scrolling through the text were one PoV ends and the next begins.

Characters are harder to rate, as the protagonist likes to do his own thing primarily.

I would like to give a higher rating, and I would have if I was rating this story at around chapter 30. A few of the characters introduced are bad, like they were actually really stupid and their bad character traits were way over the top.

The MC overall is alright. The primary issue I have with the character is that the stat intelligence actually increases someone's intelligence or at least comprehesion and thinking speed. Despite having said stat fairly high he sometimes lacks the ability to make smart decisions - even when there is no time pressure.

The Grammar is hard to rate for me, as my grammar is not great either.

However sometimes the sentence structure is difficult to read, and I would be willing to bet that if all the grammatical errors were cleared up, that many of the reviews would be more positive towards the story.

The big plus point in my opinion is the story the system is fairly well designed and I will not go into any spoilers here, but especially the class up system is really nice.

The exploration of the world is done well too and I generally enjoyed the described events.

For everyone that is looking for a purely action based story, you are wrong here. If you are interested in a combination of action/adventure/slice of life. This is a solid choice story wise.

Personally I think many of the fight scenes are too long, but I am sure most would disagree here with me.

The primary reasons I deducted half a star here is because the inconsistencies also take away from the enjoyablity of the story.

Lastly, I would prefer it, if all of the skills the MC gets are listed, as if they are not it feels almost like plot armor if we suddenly here of a newly gained skill. This would also be great after timeskips to see the progression we missed.

PS: Kuropon, I know it can be hard to read such dishartening/negative reviews, but I am willing to change my rating to the better if the issues are adressed. And overall the story is good. If you feel that some of my points are unjust feel free to send me a direct message here and I will try to elaborate.


Warning, this will eventually be expanded into an advance review.

As the title states this has been a long overdue review. I have actually at the point of writing been a Patreon of Arcs multiple times (due to money saving tactics I switch my Patreons but don't mind that).

On to the main grain of the story.

It is good, like really good. The characters are all very special and I really like Erick's mindset - especially early on. The world building is pretty great and the story telling is rather unique.

If you like political stories + SoL + magic + LitRPG (in that order) you will most likely enjoy this story.