Another bookworm

Another bookworm


by Atomicallyours
421 pages

The life of a Soviet bio-weapons designer Vladislav Kerenski ends with a bang. He is reborn in a small mountain village called Skyisle and discovers that the System underpins the development of all life in a fantasy-world Novazem where magic rules supreme. Using the scientific method and his knowledge of history, administration and biochemistry he attempts to understand and utilize everything around him including the System itself.

A rational, progression litrpg with giant monsters, wholesome moments, trope subversion, lots of art and vast multitudes of historical references. 

A light novel about a scientist too clever for his own good and the specter of a girl who was destined to die, bringing light of hope to a subjugated nation ruled by oaths and beset by revenant abominations.

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The Last Orellen

The Last Orellen
by sieley
328 pages

According to prophecy, the ninth-born child of Lord Orellen will have the sort of power that changes the world. But in a land ruled by magical families, no one welcomes the possibility of a dangerous new player. Fearful even of their allies, the Orellens come up with an extraordinary and deadly scheme to protect themselves.

If the most powerful people in the world wish to kill the ninth-born, they will have to find him or her first. And that's not going to be easy when the Orellens have called upon dark magic to create hundreds of heirs. The boys and girls are given new bodies, new names, and even new magical talents before they are scattered across the continent. Only one among them is the real ninth, but all of them will have to grow up in a world where they are fugitives.

Kalen, once fated to die, is now an Orellen heir in hiding. And he is determined to survive, even if he has to master his strange new powers to do it.

The Last Orellen is a long, character-focused epic fantasy with progression. It's set in a vast universe, and it's about a boy's journey to become a powerful magical practitioner. Reviews are deeply appreciated. Please do not repost my work elsewhere without my written permission.

What type of reader is this book for? You might enjoy The Last Orellen if you like...

Clever and resourceful protagonists.

Big fantasy worlds. Multiple cultures, lots of characters, many different types of magic--this story is expansive rather than closely focused on a narrow storyline. 

Old-school epic fantasy.

Progression fantasy that takes its time. Our main character will be progressing through magical ranks, but this is going to be a lengthy story. If you're more about the journey than the destination, this might be the book for you.

RELEASE SCHEDULE: When the chapters are done, and I'm sure they're the right direction for the story to go, I release them. Sometimes, that means there are several out in a week. Sometimes, readers have to wait seven or eight days for one. At the time of this post, I've released 25 chapters and 90,000 words in ten weeks.

In the last half of December and in early January, I will be trying to build up a backlog, so we can have a more traditional release schedule next year. But ultimately, I will always prioritize story quality over on-schedule releases.

UPDATE: Currently scrambling to get real-life things done before the holidays. Next update is delayed. Hoping to have time to finish the chapter this weekend. Feel free to message if you want to check in. I never mind. 

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Fox’s Tongue and Kirin’s Bone

Fox’s Tongue and Kirin’s (...)
by MuffinLance
420 pages

Humanity is dying, hunted to extinction by creatures of legend. One boy was born to save them all.

That boy just got knifed in the back. He looked a bit too much like Aaron, you see.

Now it’s Aaron’s job to step up, lest his Death correct that little mix-up. But Aaron’s skills as a street rat run more towards stealing and stabbing than towards saving. And the more he learns of what brought dear dead Markus to that fatal alleyway, the more he has to wonder just what the world’s savior was really up to the night the wrong boy died.

Cover art by the incredible Lakatos Csenge (@art-emisz)

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