Dan Lane

Dan Lane

    1. Re: Thanksgiving

      Much thanks.  Many eatings.  Such sleepy!   May all your leftovers be tasty, and may the gathering of friends and family be only good for your mental health!

    2. Re: What would you like to see in a contest run by users?

      1. That's a solid maybe from me. Time hasn't been kind to my writing schedule of late. 2. Yes. Doesn't have to be too restrictive, but a theme, a hook, a genre- something like that to tie it all together (...)

    3. Re: Rereading books when you're older (Wheel of Time)

      Some books I reread now, that I last read when I was a lot younger...  Surprise me.  I get more out of them than I did in my childhood, teens, even than in my early twenties.  Heinlein, definitely.  I (...)

    4. Re: Inspiration

      Inspiration?  Stuff that makes me want to write, stuff that I am totally not stealing from when I write? Leyte Gulf, specifically Taffy 3 off Samar.  Midway, of course.  Norse mythology.  Ancient Rome, (...)

    5. Re: ratings - Which is better?

      Personally I think it would be better to get a low number of mostly high ratings. Then followed by a high number of mostly low ratings, with a low number of mostly low ratings. I prefer few likes (...)

    6. Re: How often to update?

      Once per day to start, to gain a following.  Thereafter, if that is not sustainable, however often you can to keep a decent buffer.  Some post 5x a week, regularly.  Some once a week.  Totally up to you. (...)

    7. Re: Chapters When Starting?

      I would suggest once per day or every other day to gain a following.  Post a note that this is unsustainable if it is so.  Then go to however much you can write with a little bit of extra time for buffer. (...)

    8. Re: What is your top 5 favorite classics

      Hard cutting it down to 5, but here's what I got. Many are the titans in whose shadows we now skulk, scratching out our words in imitation of those who came before. Our creations, though unique, (...)

    9. Re: What is your top 5 favorite classics

      No particular order: The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress The Big Sleep The Gulag Archipelago (not fiction, but classic) Robert E. Howard's Conan stories (I know it's not one story, but a classic it is) The (...)

    10. Re: Speed Reading

      See, I'm in college now, so that is probably necessary, at least until the end of the academic year. Thank you so much for the technique, I will definitely try it.  (stuff) I will do this also. I've (...)

    11. Re: Speed Reading

      Just curious as to people's thoughts and opinions about speed reading. Is it something you've ever tried to learn? Drop links if you have cool resources on how to read faster, I would be all ears. There's (...)

    12. Re: Why do people think MC's need to be perfect?

      I personally love reading about a good MC that makes some cringe-worthy choices, as long as the MC is still relatable. Maybe there are too many judgmental readers who can't see past flawed decision-making (...)

    13. Re: Why do people think MC's need to be perfect?

      i think that the key is to make growth believable learning from mistakes, keeping failures relatable :DrakanPopcorn: This is the key take away, in my opinion. Your characters *need* to have (...)

    14. Re: Words describing the feeling of being underwater?

      A cool, wet pressure on your skin.  Tight feeling in your lungs, starved of air.  The more you physically exert yourself without breath, the worse it gets.  You can push it back for a time.  Focus on a (...)

    15. Re: Emotions

      Like a well wrung sponge.  Need sleep.

    16. Re: Is this a "well written' infodump?

      I'm surprised by the number of people who feel the dump is short or not even a dump at all. What counts as a 'long' infodump to you? Long is more than a page and a half, if it is done well. I've (...)

    17. Re: "you're not a good writer"

      You know, we all start out as bad writers. Actually, we start out bad at everything. Bad is the default. It's what we're trying to escape from. But nobody can exactly say what it is we're trying to (...)

    18. Re: Is this a "well written' infodump?

      Your approach to infodumping wasn't too bad. It tells a tale, yet isn't too lengthy. An alternative method would be to dump information in bite sizes, allowing a nestled chain of information that stretches (...)

    19. Re: Need Help With Describing a Type of Story

      I'm trying to think of the right category or words to describe a story where the protagonist always draws the short straw.  There things are terrible and don't get any better. Where the protagonist suffers (...)

    20. Re: How to genre my book without inadvertently falsely advertising it?

      Gamelit in my opinion is where the characters are in an actual game, whether they initially know it or not.  Litrpg means it has rpg elements: that means stats, skills, XP, little blue boxes, levels, or (...)