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Dan Lane

    1. Re: First and Last Letter Game

      Lepidoptra.  Moths and butterflies.  The word derives from from Greek roots, "scaley" and "winged."  The 'scales' are modified (flattened) hairs that give the insects their distinctive color patterns on (...)

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      Tau.  Nineteenth letter in the Greek alphabet.  Pronounced "taf" when you're speaking Greek because reasons.  Tau is also... -The natural wake/sleep cycle of an animal subjected to non-natural light/darkness (...)

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      Taffy-3.  On 15 October, 1944, things were looking grim indeed for the American sailors and soldiers fighting around Leyte Gulf.  Third fleet was off to the North, suckered away by the Japanese fleet. (...)

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      Republic.  From Latin res- thing and publica-  public.  Literally, a thing of the public.  Opinions differ on just what a republic *is.*  Viz the DPRK, et al.  Historical republics also vary wildly, from (...)

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      Yom Kippur War.  On October 6, 1973 Egypt and Syria executed a surprise attack on Israel through the Suez canal into the Sinai peninsula and the Golan Heights respectively.  This was to be the fourth Arab-Israeli (...)

    6. Re: How to write 3 star and lower review?

      To be honest, I've read highly rated 'meh' stories before that turned out to get better before.  Saw some ratings on the low side that only topped out at chapter 8, before things started getting good. (...)

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      Gojuon.  In English, we have the alphabetical order.  In Japanese, gojuon is probably the most common way of collating things.  It is presented as a 5x10 grid with the vowel sounds on top and the respective (...)

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      Carthage.  In the ancient world, Carthage was a poor second place to Rome in the area around the Mediterranean Sea.  Originally Phoenician settlers from the east (modern day Turkey and Syria around the (...)

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      Samadh.  Being a place of burial or immolation, like unto a grave site or tomb.  Kipling's Grave of the Hundred Heads was a pile of freshly grinning skulls, high as a tall man's chin, Subadar Prag Tawarri's (...)

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      Nacre.  You might know it by it's more common name: mother-of-pearl. Nacre is made of calcium carbonate and conchiolin.  It's actually about as strong as concrete, believe it or not.  The calcium carbonate (...)

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      Duffer's Drift, Defence of.  Concerning a fictitious ford over the equally fictitious Silliassvogel River and its defense against a surprise force of Boer.  It is set during the very real (and very very (...)

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      Tyro.  One who is new to an activity, untrained and inexperienced.  The connotation is not specifically negative (or positive) and can be used either way.  Many who come to Royal Road to write begin as (...)

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      Yuzu.  Fruit of a tree of the same name originating in East Asia.  Tastes a bit like a grapefruit that's been mixed with an orange, bit tart.  It's not often eaten as a fruit, though.  They make sauces (...)

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      Effulgent.  Brightly shining or glowing, splendid, wonderful, expressing joy, love, or vitality.  Has nearly nothing to do with plumbing, despite how the word sounds when spoken.

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      Ypres.  A city in West Flanders, Belgium.  Ypres, like many little European towns has History with a capital H.  It has been raided by Romans, besieged by the English (and their allies) during the Hundred (...)

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      Sauroter.  The spear has been a man-killer for longer than the written word.  It is older than every known religion and remains as lethal a tool as ever for killing man and beast outside of the reach of (...)

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      Resuscitate.  To purposely bring someone back to life (possibly with benign intent).

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      Katabasis.  A journey to the underworld, the world of the dead.  Ancient Greeks and Romans had several stories of heroes and gods visiting the underworld and returning to tell the tale.  Aeneas and Odysseus (...)

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      Ranseur.  Likely a derivation of the spetum.  A spear head with a cross hilt at the base connected to a six foot shaft, often similar in appearance to a trident.  It has many uses in melee combat. Fun (...)

    20. Re: Are you slacking?

      Writing is my slacking.  I don't slack enough.  My thirst for slacking is unslaked.