Dan Lane

Dan Lane

    1. Re: A fully magic space opera, does it exist???

      Warhammer 40K Humans genetically enhanced travel throught a magic warp infested by demons born from their thoughts, guided by a technomagic light emitted by a hald dead magica human being.  There (...)

    2. Re: A Question About Reviews/Review Swaps!

      The main reason is that new readers are going to be apprehensive to go into a story they aren't quite sure might be worth their time or not. So having reviews help them have a better perspective on (...)

    3. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      410 There's a lot of blood in the human fruit.  Bodies also smell.  Bad.  And get worse the longer they stay out.  So, if you are dead set on shooting someone, throwing them out of the plane makes sense, (...)

    4. Re: The perfect comment

      All the things.   TFTC?  Cool!   Grammar correction?  I'll take 'em!   Dude, WTF?!  I can answer that!   Chapter so bad it made me dig out my eyes with two spoons!  That's impressive that you could (...)

    5. Re: Royal Road on Kindle ereader web browser?

      You can, technically, read Royal Road on kindle paperwhite.  With a magnifying glass, maybe.  It is tiny and slow and annoying.  I much prefer just reading on dark mode. It would be nice to have better (...)

    6. Re: About transferring works from other websites

      It is.  My works started on another website, and I reposted them here, continuing on with the story.  The way you do it is to submit a support ticket and also have on the other website a note somewhere (...)

    7. Re: Posts so far

      Not bad.  Good use of light and shadow in the two covers, solid branding on both as well.  Framing and perspective are good as well.  Keep up the good work!

    8. Re: Recommend Me Stories! --- Connecting Avid Readers and Emerging Authors

      I have a few recommendations, relatively new and updating.  Only one of them is mine: ThanaTopiary by Gej302.  Reincarnation, light LitRPG elements, isikai, slice of life and semi-cozy story.  A man (...)

    9. Re: How to write a male protagonists

      There are differences between how men and women think.  Not because of whatever dangly bits they do or don't have, but more because of biology and how our brains evolved.  The range of variation in human (...)

    10. Re: Downloading a story

      Recently, I had a need to convert three volumes from the collected works, which are freely available on the site. The layout of the books is two — column. It is impossible to read the layout, divided (...)

    11. Re: Finding Professional Beta-Readers

      The first step is probably to figure out exactly what you're asking for. There are a lot of different types of editing, from developmental editing down to proofreading. Beta reading is usually considered (...)

    12. Re: Do most popular fiction works suck because most people cannot understand 'big conepts'?

      The term speculative fiction seems to fit much of what we write (and read) on Royal Road.  Spec Fic covers things that are not real and not possible in the world as we know it- magic, FTL, demon summoning, (...)

    13. Re: How do you make your characters feel consistent?

      So... Assume for a moment I dont know any real people? In that case, really good fake people works.  If you have favorite books, tv shows, anime or games or something, you have an idea of what your (...)

    14. Re: Forgot a word... help me find it please!

      Prepared, intuited, anticipated, predicted the need for, provident, foresaw, precognizant, prudent, any of those work?

    15. Re: Any good zombie books on here?

      https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/11379/headshot-a-zombie-litrpg-novel was a interesting take on zombie gaming. Too bad all the chapters got deleted. I read it, and the two sequels on Amazon. Good (...)

    16. Re: Help me decide please!

      Depends on where the story goes with it.  How much of the animal impacts the character?  As others noted, catgirls are a trend for a reason.   Is the character a mercurial, sometimes lazy, but cute (...)

    17. Re: Any good zombie books on here?

      RR:  :PeoReading: zombie knight saga: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/28307/the-zombie-knight-saga MC is a zombie.  Not a standard zombie thing, kinda zombie/fantasy/super hybrid.  Definitely worth (...)

    18. Re: Any good zombie books on here?

      It's not on here, but my favorite zombie book currently is John Ringo's Black Tide Rising.  Sure it is the  apocalypse, and PTSD is the new normal.  But the characters at least act like humans.  Some give (...)

    19. Re: When someone gives feedback on your story, what are you looking for?

      Like most people here, point out mistakes so I can fix 'em.  I rather like the story in my head and having people enjoy it, too, is pretty neat.   If there was a good part, something that was awesome (...)

    20. Re: Internal Conflict, developed through plot?

      That's something I'm working on in my writing as it evolves.  The characters are not static.  They have goals, drives, and motivations both morally good and gray.  The "show" and not "tell" is important. (...)