1. RE: The Pledge (Details)

      I've always had an issue where I don't finish projects I start.  I believe I talked all about it in the "How to join" thread.  I'm here to declare that I WILL fucking finish something for once, and it (...)

    2. RE: How to Join Us

      Lol, for someone who apparently can't 'create' you sure did create a long forum post. It might seem like a lot, but that Smash Bros break is the length of the actual Smash Bros break I took (...)

    3. RE: How to Join Us

      Greetings and salutations, everybody!  I go by IrateRapScallion here.  I saw this posted at the end of the most recent chapter in that there voluminous trunks story, and I must say, this seems to be exactly (...)

    4. RE: Is torture ever right?

      My view on the practical application of torture, that is can never be justified, may be puerile but it is what I believe. Sorry I was not clear.  I wasn't referring to you, but this up at the top (...)

    5. RE: Is torture ever right?

      Okay first time posting but I feel like I need to weigh in on this.  As was posted earlier in the thread, torture doesn't get you reliable information.  The puerile opinion stated above that if torture (...)